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Cityjet in station with doors open

Upgrading Vienna's rapid transit network

From December 2017, further key measures to upgrade the rapid transit train network in and around Vienna will be implemented. Additional trains will be introduced on three lines. more


Dancing couples in front of a poster of the ball

Vienna Ball of Sciences

28.1. | Vienna City Hall

The third Vienna Ball of Science will combine classic elements of the Viennese ball tradition with scientific knowledge. more

The Magic of Landscapes. From Waldmüller to Boeckl until 6.2.
Sex in Vienna. Desire. Control. Transgression until 22.2.
Film Stills. Photography between Advertising, Art and the Cinema until 26.2.
In the End: Architecture until 20.3.
Vienna Ice Dream 24.1. until 12.3.
Georgia O'Keeffe until 26.3.
Július Koller. One Man Anti Show until 17.4.
Diversity counts! An expedition through biodiversity until 17.4.
The Emperor's Gold until 5.6.
Rendering of the revised project area Vienna Ice-Skating Club/ InterContinental Hotel/ Vienna Konzerthaus; view in winter

Plans for the Vienna Ice-Skating Club

The skating rink of the Vienna Ice-Skating Club will become even more attractive, the area outside Vienna Konzerthaus will be upgraded, and Vienna will get a new, modern conference venue as well as an attractive public square. more

group of young people stacking their hands

Recognition of foreign university degrees

A university degree can be an important qualification if you want to work in Austria. There are, however, some issues you need to consider if you want a recognition (nostrification) of the university degree you acquired abroad. more

Rendering of the new FLEXITY tram in front of the Vienna City Hall

New trams for Vienna

From 2018, all-new FLEXITY tramway trains will gradually replace the last non-low floor trams still in service. By 2026, up to 156 of the new models will be manufactured at the Bombardier facility in Vienna’s 22nd district. more

refugee children playing with soap bubbles

Help for refugees

The City of Vienna, several NGOs and "Helfer Wiens" have set up a platform for everyone who wants to help. more