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man with a mask in a car

Coronavirus: What you need to know

Everything you need to know about coronavirus. We provide answers to FAQs about risk of infection, basic protective measures and hospitals in Vienna. more


exterior view of the Kunsthistorisches Museum

Titian's Vision of Women

until 30.1. | Kunsthistorisches Museum

The exhibition examines the Venetian image of women in the context of sixteenth-century ideals and contemporary society. more

Lady with Fan until 13.2.
Martin Noël. The Retrospective until 20.2.
Better Times? Waldmüller and Biedermeier Vienna until 27.2.
Ludwig Wittgenstein. Photography as analytical practice until 6.3.
Evil Emperors until 22.3.
The Vienna Rothschilds. A Thriller until 5.6.
Josef Hoffmann. Progress Through Beauty until 19.6.
People skating on the ice rink in front of Vienna City Hall

Vienna Ice Dream

This year, as every year, the square in front of Vienna City Hall is turned into a big ice rink for everyone who enjoys ice skating. more

drawing of people and an information symbol

Coronavirus information service

The Integration and Diversity Department (MA17) offers a multilingual information service during the corona crisis. more

family sitting in the living room

Housing in Vienna

In Vienna housing options are very different from other cities in Europe. Social housing is exemplary throughout Europe. We provide a wide range of information for renters and owners about searching for a flat, house rules, history and support. more

woman running in a park

Parks and gardens

Approximately 50 per cent of Vienna are green areas. A large part of these green areas is for free public use. more