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A young woman stands on the balcony of her flat

Housing in Vienna

In Vienna housing options are very different from other cities in Europe. Social housing is exemplary throughout Europe. We provide a wide range of information for renters and owners about searching for a flat, house rules, history and support. more


Filmfestival at the Rathausplatz

Red Vienna. 1919-1934

30.4.2019 until 19.1.2020 | MUSA

The exhibit reaches to over a dozen locations across the city. Structured around a series of themes, these "walkable objects" are accessible temporarily, revealing Red Vienna’s rich architectural heritage. more

INEOS 1:59 Challenge 12.10. until 20.10.
Arik Brauer. All of My Arts until 20.10.
World Press Photo until 20.10.
Jan van Eyck until 20.10.
Vertigo. Op Art and a History of Deception 1520–1970 until 26.10.
Vienna Design Autumn until 27.10.
Albrecht Dürer until 6.1.2020
Into the Unknown - Austria Since 1918 until 17.5.2020
children reading

Libraries in Vienna

Vienna's libraries are the place to be for bookworms. 39 branches offer over 1.5 million media and foreign language books. Long opening hours, reading areas and work stations will make you want to stay for a while. more

A young woman lying in bed looking at a clinical thermometer

Vaccination against seasonal influenza

The Public Health Services of the City of Vienna (MA 15) offer vaccination against seasonal influenza from now until mid-December. more

group of hikers

Hiking in and around Vienna

Hiking has a long tradition in Vienna. Popular destinations include the Heurigen (wine taverns), the Vienna Woods and the many vineyards. Try one of the eleven city hiking paths laid out by the Forestry Office. more

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Recognition of foreign university degrees

A university degree can be an important qualification if you want to work in Austria. There are, however, some issues you need to consider if you want a recognition (nostrification) of the university degree you acquired abroad. more