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children playing in a kindergarten

Kindergarten registration

If you need a place for your child at municipal kindergarten in the autumn of 2019 you should best register your child now. more


Poster of the exhibition

Skin Deep. Hair Dressers, Barbers, Beauticians

until 6.1.2019 | Wien Museum

The exhibition "Skin Deep" deals with the practices and meanings of modern body care and styling from the eighteenth century onwards. more

Teddy Kollek. The Viennese mayor of Jerusalem until 25.11.
Wien Modern until 30.11.
650th Anniversary - Austrian National Library until 30.12.
Beauty and the Abyss. until 31.12.
Pieter Bruegel the Elder until 13.1.2019
Claude Monet until 6.1.2019
55 Dates. Highlights from the mumok Collection until 3.2.2019
Sagmeister & Walsh: Beauty until 31.3.2019
Embracing Music. Leonard Bernstein at 100 until 22.4.2019
A young woman lying in bed looking at a clinical thermometer

Vaccination against seasonal influenza

The Public Health Services of the City of Vienna (MA 15) offer vaccination against seasonal influenza from October until early December. more

group of hikers

Hiking in and around Vienna

Hiking has a long tradition in Vienna. Popular destinations include the Heurigen (wine taverns), the Vienna Woods and the many vineyards. Try one of the eleven city hiking paths laid out by the Forestry Office. more

dancers on a stage

Music, theatre and dance

Whether you like jazz, pop or classical music, theatre, opera or musical – Vienna offers a great variety of cultural events for every musical taste. more

Mayor Michael Ludwig and members of the Vienna City Government

New City Government

On 24 May, Mayor Häupl handed over his office to his successor, Michael Ludwig and his new team of Executive City Councillors. more