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worker at Hietzinger Kai, beside the tracks of underground line U4

Part of U4 closed

The line is closed from 30 April for four months between Hietzing and the terminal station at Hütteldorf for a complete refurbishment of the underground tracks and track base. more


Nikolaus Habjan and puppet Gisela

Wiener Festwochen

13.5. until 19.6. | various venues

The Wiener Festwochen present innovative theatrical art, new productions of old classics, and different types of music from all around the world. more

Donaukanaltreiben 27.5. until 29.5.
Festival for Short Film, Animation & Music Video until 31.5.
Fan zone on Rathausplatz for the EURO 2016/a> 10.6. until 10.7.
"So this is the strong Sex." Women in Psychoanalysis until 12.6.
Anselm Kiefer. The Woodcuts until 19.6.
Vienna Festival 2016 13.5. until 19.6.
Balthus until 19.6.
Danube Island Festival 2016 24.6. until 26.6.
Chagall to Malevich. The Russian Avant-Gardes until 26.6.
Graphic rendering of Müllnertempel synagogue

The destroyed synagogues of Vienna

A new exhibition at the Jewish Museum Vienna takes a look back at the city before 1938. The destroyed synagogues of Vienna that were erased from the cityscape by the Nazis have now been reconstructed with the aid of modern computer animation. more

map of vienna: Strongest candidate per district

Election of the Federal President 2016

The final results of the city electoral commission of the Election of the Federal President are available. more

Flags at the conference center in the Hofburg

Vienna is a top congress venue

With 178 international conferences and conventions in 2015, Vienna ranks fourth among the world’s prime conference venues, topped only by Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. more

refugee children playing with soap bubbles

Help for refugees

The City of Vienna, several NGOs and "Helfer Wiens" have set up a platform for everyone who wants to help. more