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ice rink in front of the Vienna City Hall

Vienna Ice Dream

This year, as every year, the square in front of Vienna City Hall is turned into a big ice rink for everyone who enjoys ice skating. more


exterior view of the Technisches Museum


until August | Technisches Museum

This exhibition illuminates how nature's problem-solving skills can be transferred to technology. more

Vienna's splendid ball season until 18.2.2023
Tilla Durieux. A witness to a century and her roles until 27.2.2023
Ruth Baumgarte. Africa: Visions of Light and Color until 5.3.2023
Gerwald Rockenschaub. circuit cruise / feasible memory/regulator until 12.3.2023
Brazil. 200 years of relations until 23.4.2023
Pathways of Pathogenes until 23.4.2023
The Fest. Between Representation and Revolt until 7.5.2023
group of young people stacking their hands

Recognition of foreign university degrees

A university degree can be an important qualification if you want to work in Austria. There are, however, some issues you need to consider if you want a recognition (nostrification) of the university degree you acquired abroad. more

Taking blood pressure

Health check-up

Every person in Austria aged 18 and over is entitled to a free medical check-up once a year. Regular check-ups may help you detect potential health problems early on. more

People in the information centre

Information for people from Ukraine

The City of Vienna has opened two reception and information centres and has set up a website with some important information for refugees from Ukraine. more

woman getting a vaccination

Coronavirus: What you need to know

Everything you need to know about coronavirus. We provide answers to FAQs about risk of infection, basic protective measures and hospitals in Vienna. more