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Primary school registration is now open

The official registration period for a place at a primary school for the school year 2019/20 is now open until 25 January 2019. more


Painting by Rudolf Konopa - The Declaration of the Republic

The Hard-Won Republic

until 3.2.2019 | Wien Museum

The exhibition pictures the events in Vienna in order to show how the new state was created and investigates the consequences of the transitional period of 1918/19. more

Vienna Ball of Sciences until 26.1.
Helen Levitt until 27.1.
55 Dates. Highlights from the mumok Collection until 3.2.
Kabbalah until 3.3.
Winter sports until 3.3.
Sagmeister & Walsh: Beauty until 31.3.
Embracing Music. Leonard Bernstein at 100 until 22.4.
Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin and other Treasures until 28.4.
Into the Unknown – Austria Since 1918 until 17.5.2020
People skating on the ice rink in front of Vienna City Hall

Vienna Ice Dream

From 18 January until 3 March visitors can enjoy ice skating on an ice rink in the size of about 9,000 square metres against the magnificent backdrop of Vienna City Hall. more

People dancing at a ball in Vienna City Hall

Ball season

Ball events in Vienna are a great opportunity to show off your dance moves to waltz music but also to salsa, rock’n’ roll, tango and even disco music. January and February are the busiest months of the ball season. more

group of young people stacking their hands

Recognition of foreign university degrees

A university degree can be an important qualification if you want to work in Austria. There are, however, some issues you need to consider if you want a recognition (nostrification) of the university degree you acquired abroad. more

People looking at pictures in a museum


Art, history, technology or natural history – museum enthusiasts will find what they are looking for in Vienna. Most museums offer young people free admission. more