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Rendering of the new FLEXITY tram in front of the Vienna City Hall

New trams for Vienna

From 2018, all-new FLEXITY tramway trains will gradually replace the last non-low floor trams still in service. By 2026, up to 156 of the new models will be manufactured at the Bombardier facility in Vienna’s 22nd district. more


Graphic rendering of Müllnertempel synagogue

Viennese Synagogues: A Memory

19.5. until 17.11. | Museum Judenplatz

The destroyed synagogues of Vienna that were erased from the cityscape by the Nazis have now been reconstructed with the aid of modern computer animation. more

Tip of the Hat! A Social History of the Covered Head until 30.10.
Vienna Design Autumn until 30.10.
Salam.Orient 13.10. until 31.10.
Viennale. Vienna International Film Festival 20.10. until 2.11.
AI WEIWEI translocation – transformation until 20.11.
Seurat, Signac, VanGogh. Ways of Pointillism until 8.1.2017
Foreign Gods. Fascination Africa and Oceania. until 9.1.2017
In the End: Architecture until 20.3.2017
The Emperor's Gold until 5.6.2017
Rendering of the timber tower in aspern Seestadt

World’s highest timber tower

The timber tower nicknamed "HoHo" is scheduled for completion in 2018. With a total height of 84 metres, it will be located in Vienna’s new development area "aspern Die Seestadt Wiens". more

socks hanging on a clothes line

Popular names

Lena was the most popular name for girls in the first half of 2016, followed by Emilia and Sara. The three most popular names for boys were David, Maximilian, and Lukas. more

group of young people stacking their hands

Recognition of foreign university degrees

A university degree can be an important qualification if you want to work in Austria. There are, however, some issues you need to consider if you want a recognition (nostrification) of the university degree you acquired abroad. more

refugee children playing with soap bubbles

Help for refugees

The City of Vienna, several NGOs and "Helfer Wiens" have set up a platform for everyone who wants to help. more