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woman skating  in front of the City Hall

Ice rinks in Vienna

Both locals and guests can take a spin at the modern-day indoor skating rinks or skate against some beautiful backdrops at Vienna's outdoor ice rinks. more

woman with a dog

Watch out, dog owners!

Police checks for muzzles, chips and dog handling licences! Since 1 September 2015, police in Vienna and the relevant municipal department have again been conducting stricter checks to ensure compliance with dog-keeping rules. more

A woman and a man are talking, holding a microphone in their hands, standing in front of the audience on a stage between a lectern and a red couch

Europe’s green metropolis

The City of Vienna was presented as the perfect example of a modern, environmentally-friendly European metropolis at the 1st European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference (EUGIC). more

auditorium and screen of an open-air cinema

Films and Cinemas

There are a number of cinemas in Vienna showing films in English or in their original language. In the summer there are open-air screens for cinema aficionados to enjoy their favourite films. more

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