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group of hikers

Hiking in and around Vienna

Vienna's Forestry Office has laid out 12 hiking paths that will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery in and around the city. more

Group of visitors attending a guided tour

Homeless people as tour guides

If you join one of the SHADES TOURS you will experience a different side of Vienna. The tours are held by homeless persons who give an authentic, professional and personal insight into an otherwise unknown world. more

Four people playing volleyball on a meadow next to the water.

Danube Island

42 kilometres of beach and a nature reserve right in the middle of a European metropolis. It is great for leisure seekers and a key habitat for plants and animals alike. more

auditorium and screen of an open-air cinema

Films and Cinemas

There are a number of cinemas in Vienna showing films in English or in their original language. In the summer there are open-air screens for cinema aficionados to enjoy their favourite films. more

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