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Fundamental right to data protection

The fundamental right to data protection implies the right to personal data privacy, e.g. the guarantee that reliable data on to a person's identity will neither be disclosed nor communicated to third parties.

Privacy Principles within the Vienna city administration

Data protection an data security are issues of increasing importance in the information society. In addition to the comprehensive range of services and prompt service provision, users can be absolutely sure that any data they have communicated to the City of Vienna will be treated with adequate care and confidentiality. For more information please have a look at:


Cookies are text files containing certain pieces of information that are stored on the user's hard disk by the browser. Every cookie file contains the name of the website or server it came from, and can only be requested by this website or server. Cookies cannot be read by anyone else but their sender, and they are not dangerous. As they cannot contain executable codes, they do not constitute a potential source of viruses or other dangerous programmes. The only purpose of cookies is to be re-read by their original sender. Cookie files cannot be used to read or "spy on" any other data on your hard disk, or to transfer any data to your hard disk except for the cookie file itself.

It is our philosophy to keep the use of cookies for down to a minimum that is necessary for the functionality and smooth operation of the application. In general, cookies are only used for the one application and for the duration of the respective customer transaction. Cookies are not used to store information on users or data they have entered for an extended period of time. Information related to cookies will, of course, not be passed on to third parties.

Of course we do not pass on information related to cookies. Statistical information allows us to further improve the services.

Austrian Data Protection Authority

The website of the Austrian Data Protection Authority offers general information on its services and data protection.


For further information please contact Municipal Department 63 - Commerce and Trade, Data Protection and Register Offices.

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