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Hand turning the pages of a calender

Intercultural calendar

Important holidays of the largest religious and ethnic groups and traditional holidays in Vienna. more

Children standing around a large play table which features, among other things, a model coastal landscape with a beach. The children appear to be fishing for something using small hand-held pushers

Cultural Tips for Kids

If you take your offspring along on a city break, you need a child-friendly itinerary. In Vienna, that's not a problem. Museums, theatre, readings - in this city, almost every cultural offering has a miniature version for kids. more

Vienna State Opera

150th anniversary of the Ringstrasse

Vienna’s Ring boulevard, the Ring­strasse, is one of the greatest examples of 19th century urban development. The Ring was formally in­augurated by Emperor Francis Joseph I. on 1 May 1865. more

An exhibition display board with photos and texts, seen through a wooden door frame; the plaster to the left and the right of the door is crumbling

State Treaty in a bunker

The new Museum of Liberation of Vienna 1945–1955 is presenting the exhibition "State Treaty 1955 - an Austrian solution" in a former Second World War air raid shelter in Arne-Carlsson-Park in the 9th district. more

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