Education & Research

Main library at night

Libraries in Vienna

Libraries in Vienna offer well over 1.5 million media in a network of 39 branches. About 60,000 of the more than 1.3 million books are foreign-language books. more

Students in front of lecture hall at Altes AKH

Online service for students

Many of the students who go to university in Vienna are not actually from Vienna. The city administration would now like to sup­port them in getting used to life in the Austrian capital and has launched a new online service. more

Ariane 5 liftoff on flight VA226

Vienna and outer space

Leading high-tech companies in Vienna and Austria expect their business to take off by supplying components for building the European Space Agency’s new-generation satellite launch vehicle, the Ariane 6 rocket, which will make its debut flight in 2020. more

Class room with children and teacher

The School System

School attendance is compulsory for all children permanently resident in Austria, and lasts for nine years. Compulsory schooling starts on the first of September. more

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