Vaccination programme against seasonal influenza (Grippe)

A young woman lying in bed looking at a clinical thermometer

Every winter many people fall sick with seasonal influenza, a virus disease with high temperature. The virus can be spread from person to person by droplets that get into the air when people cough, sneeze or talk, or when you touch your mouth, nose or eyes with contaminated hands.

The symptoms of influenza include a feeling of sudden sickness, high temperature, cough, headache, as well as muscle and body ache. It can also lead to complications like pneumonia or myocarditis and in the worst case turn deadly.

Measures like washing your hands regularly, avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands or vaccination can prevent the spread of seasonal influenza.

You can get vaccination against seasonal influenza at one of the vaccination clinics of Municipal Department 15 - Public Health Services of the City of Vienna (MA 15) from 14 October until 13 December 2019 for EUR 14.20.

For further information contact the hotline: +43 1 4000-8015

Vaccination clinics in the city map

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