Municipal Department 11 - Vienna Youth and Family Offices (MAG ELF)

Protecting children, providing services for families

Parents look at a globe with two boys

The work of Municipal Department 11 - Vienna Youth and Family Offices, is mainly based on the Youth Welfare Act. The Department's principal tasks are to protect children and promote education in the family. It operates more than 200 service offices and has a staff of approximately 1,500, including some 750 employees in the field of educational social work (community housing, crisis centres), about 350 social workers, 150 legal officers, as well as 30 psychologists and other staff.

Current focuses

Foster care is one of the current priorities of the Vienna Youth and Family Offices. Efforts are focused on upgrading services as well as increasing subsidies and support for foster families. As regards preventive services, an EU project on the promotion of parenting skills is being implemented under the "Daphne for families. Fit for life" programme. Further activities are under way in the fields of documentation, controlling, statistics, quality assurance and New Public Management (product development).


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