Services provided by the Vienna Youth and Family Offices

Representing children and young people

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  • Matters relating to child support (maintenance payments) and child support advance
  • Official establishment of parenthood
  • Asylum and immigration law
  • Other legal matters (adoption, inheritance)

Preventive social services

  • Information, counselling and services
  • Support payments (Vienna family support scheme, financial aid)
  • Recreational activities
  • Assessment by social workers, psychological diagnosis and reporting
  • Psychological treatment, psychotherapy, conflict management
  • Specific services for mothers, children and pupils (mother-and-child homes, pupils' homes)

Assessment of crisis situations

  • Case examination and assessment by social workers, psychological diagnosis and reporting
  • Crisis intervention

Educational support

  • Crisis intervention
  • Counselling by social workers
  • Psychological diagnosis and reporting
  • Psychological counselling and treatment, psychotherapy
  • Intensive counselling and care

Full-time care and education

  • (Temporary) placement in foster families, community housing facilities or homes
  • Mediation between the parties and/or institutions involved
  • Special psycho-social and educational care accompanying full-time care and education
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