Vienna's splendid ball season

People dancing at a ball in Vienna City Hall.

The ball season in Vienna starts in mid-November. There are about 450 ball events each year that cover all tastes and interests such as the Silvesterball, Blumenball, Wissenschaftsball, Zuckerbäckerball, and the renowned Vienna Opera Ball.

Ball events in Vienna are a great opportunity to show off your dance moves to waltz music but also to salsa, rock'n roll, tango and even disco music. January and February are the busiest months of the ball season. Many international guests come to Vienna at that time to waltz the night away.

Vienna City Hall turns into a ballroom

The Blumenball on 13 January turns Vienna City Hall into a world of flowers. On 28 January, the City of Vienna holds the Wiener Ball der Wissenschaften together with universities and research institutions. This ball event combines culture and sciences as the city’s main assets and includes a night of dancing as well as open lab games for the guests.

Vienna Opera Ball

The Vienna Opera Ball at the Vienna State Opera is renowned the world over. Where ballet and opera performances usually capture the audience, ball guests are invited to indulge in one of the finest ball experiences ever. On that night, nearly the entire opera house is dedicated to dancing and having a good time.

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