More carbon monoxide poisonings during heat waves

gas heater

Due to high temperatures during summer, combustion products from gas appliances used in your home could be discharged into living areas rather than exhausted to the outdoors through a chimney. In this case, toxic carbon monoxide can accumulate in your home and reach dangerous levels. It is colourless and odourless and can be lethal, depending on the concentration and exposure time.

Exhaust fans as used, for example, in the kitchen and bathroom should therefore not be operated at the same time as gas appliances in summer, as carbon monoxide from gas appliances can be drawn into living areas. Instead, windows and doors should be opened wide to ensure a good exchange of air in the room.

Adequate and sufficient ventilation of rooms with gas appliances is absolutely necessary during heat waves. It is important to maintain and check gas heaters on a regular basis to guarantee their safety!

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are very non-specific, especially in the beginning. They can range from headache, sickness, feeling of weakness, dizziness and lightheadedness to nausea, chest pains and disorientation. If you show any of these symptoms, you should leave your flat immediately and call the ambulance for help via the emergency number 144.

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