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Biogas treatment plant

Vienna produces biogas

In Vienna, organic waste is used to generate thermal energy for cooking and heating. For the first time ever, biomethane is fed directly into the Vienna gas network. more


Film still of Morgan Knibbe's Shipwreck; two coffins suspended by a crane, a man placing his hands on one side of the coffins to steady them, his head bowed.

Vienna Independent Shorts

26.5. until 31.5. | various venues

Visitors can once again get a taste for the compressed power of the short film genre, with a total of 320 films on offer. more

Destination Vienna 2015 until 31.5.
36th Austrian brass music festival 6.6.
Vienna Festival 14.5. until 21.6.
Lee Miller until 16.8.
The Myth of Galicia until 30.8.
Ludwig Goes Pop until 13.9.
Summer at the Museumsquartier until 27.9.
The world of taxidermy and preparation until 4.10.
Ringstrasse. A Jewish Boulevard until 4.10.
The 1980s. until 24.10.
Mobility at the Technical Museum until 31.12.
traffic light: women who hold hands, a heart as symbol between them

New traffic lights inspire

The new pedestrian traffic light symbols, showing straight, gay and lesbian couples, will stay permanently in selected parts of Vienna. more

Picture consisting of several pictures. Each shows a figure, front view, posture similar to that of “Soup-Kasper”, holding a knife and folk in his hands. The figures are dressed and painted differently or covered with stickers. Under each figure there is a different name.

Hungry for art

53 life-size figures are displayed on Karlsplatz until 9 June, when they will be sold in an auction. The proceeds go to the association "Hunger auf Kunst & Kultur". more

Memorial "raising the bar"

Memorial as metaphorical straitjacket

Until early 2016 a memorial on Naschmarkt recalls the homosexual and transgender victims of Nazism. The walk-in metal construction is the fourth temporary memorial that the city of Vienna has had erected. more

Two members of the service team on a plattform

New passenger service teams

Wiener Linien has launched a test run for its new mobile service team. Since mid-April, 40 service staff have been directly at the service of passengers through­out Vienna’s public transport net­work. more