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Garden area of the Campus Gertrude-Fröhlich-Sandner

"Campus plus" unites kindergartens and schools under one roof

The Vienna Campus School Model Vienna has now been en­hanced with the so-called "Campus plus" model, which unites kinder­gartens and schools under one roof. more


Six USB-Sticks

Evil Things

until 6.7. | Imperial Furniture Collection

The current exhibition at the Imperial Furniture Collection shows hundreds of every­day items con­sidered to be in bad taste. A lesson in aesthetics? more

The Winter Palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy until 27.4.
Edelstoff design market until 27.4.
Vienna Blues Spring Festival until 30.4.
35th Austrian brass music festival 16.5. until 17.5.
Eric Fischl. Friends, Lovers and other constellations until 18.5.
Vienna - Berlin. The Art of Two Cities until 15.6.
SPACE - The exhibition until 29.6.
Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait until 20.8.
Antonio Salieri. The Facts until 11.1.2015
Girls' choir

The sound of Vienna

At the "wean hean" festival, featuring 10 concert events between 24 April and 17 May, people can see and hear exactly what the so-called "Wienerlied" really is and can be. more

facade of a municipal housing estate

Refurbishing municipal housing estates

As the City of Vienna continues its municipal housing regeneration initiative, 47 housing estates with a total of 7,268 flats are scheduled for re­furbish­ment this year. more

Vienna underground map with planned new line U5

Plans for new underground line U5

As the population of Vienna continues to grow, the city needs new public trans­port initiatives. The focus will be on under­ground lines, including plans for the new line U5 linking existing under­ground lines. more

View of the Danube and the Uno-City in the background

International businesses flock to Vienna

Vienna is increasingly attractive as a business location: 133 inter­national businesses in 2013 mark a new record high. more