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audience in a cinema, screen in the background

Viennale - Vienna International Film Festival

Viennale takes place from 23 October to 6 November 2014 and once again presents 300 movies, documentaries, and short films over the course of two weeks. more


Hall at the Südbahnhotel

Südbahnhotel. The Magic Mountain Abandoned.

until 11.1.2015 | Jewish Museum on Judenplatz

The grand hotel at the Semmering - closed since 1976 - was notable in particular for its distinctive architecture and design. more

Jewish film festival until 23.10.
Salam.Orient until 3.11.
6th Global Drucker Forum in Vienna 13.11. until 14.11.
Space - The Exhibition until 6.1.2015
Blue Times until 11.1.15.
Antonio Salieri. The Facts until 11.1.2015
Peter Weibel - Media Rebel until 18.1.2015
Lillian Bassman & Paul Himmel. Two Lives for Photography until 8.2.1015
Emperor Charles V Captures Tunis. Documenting a Campaign until 31.3.2015
panoramic view of Volksgarten and Heldenplatz

Vienna Tourism Strategy

According to the strategy, Vienna is ex­pected to sell 18 million guest nights by 2020, while the sales revenue of the lod­ging sector should hit the "he sonic barrier" of EUR one-billion. more

exterior view of Karl-Marx-Hof

Affordable housing

Social housing has become an EU policy priority. In the wake of the mayors' initiative "Vienna Resolution", a European charter for af­fordable housing and sustainable urban plan­ning was adopted in Brussels. more

Motif of the exhibition 'Tomorrow Is': title of the exhibition above a hairdresser's shop

Booming creative industries

departure - the Creative Centre of Vienna Business Agency - is celebrating its tenth an­niversary. Set up in 2004, it promotes in­dividual creative projects and sup­ports business start-ups. more

entrance of the new funeral museum

New Vienna Funeral Museum

The new Funeral Museum at Vienna’s Central Cemetery com­prises numerous original objects and historical images that provide an in­sight into Viennese ways and traditions when it comes to dealing with death. more