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Film festival visitors looking at a screen with the Vienna City Hall in the back

Film Festival on Rathausplatz

The 25th Film Festival in front of Vienna City Hall is held from 4 July to 6 September this year. With about 750,000 visitors, it has become the biggest cultural and culinary festival in Europe. more


Crowd in front of floating stage at Popfest, Karlskirche in the background

Pop Festival

23.7. until 26.7. | various venues

The Vienna Pop Festival will be held for the 6th time. As always, admission to all concerts is free of charge. This year’s programme features 57 Austrian music acts. more

Vienna Jazz Festival until 11.7.
Lee Miller until 16.8.
The Myth of Galicia until 30.8.
Ludwig Goes Pop until 13.9.
Summer at the Museumsquartier until 27.9.
The world of taxidermy and preparation until 4.10.
Ringstrasse. A Jewish Boulevard until 4.10.
Viennale Biennale 11.6. until 4.10.
The 1980s. until 24.10.
Beach bar at the Danube Canal, people are sitting on the ground by the water’s edge

Get ready to chill

Summer at last! Finally, the city’s full magic is revealed – after all, chilling out is just as easy with your toes in a fountain surrounded by breathtaking architecture as it is with your feet in the sand and your eyes on the horizon. more

Duck approaching a boat on the water with a girl sitting in the boat

Bio for beavers and bathers

How Vienna ensures that the nature reserve and recreation area of the Old Danube will continue to be lovable and liveable for future generations. more

Graphic sporting lettering 'Gesundheitsziele von 2025' (Healthcare Goals for 2025)

Longer healthy lives

133 experts in numerous disciplines have developed nine goals for Vienna’s healthcare sector, the aim being for people in the city to live one and a half years longer, on average, in a healthy state by 2025. more

Shelves bearing busts at the depot Himberg

New central depot

The extensive reserve collection of Wien Museum, the City of Vienna’s history and art museum, has been transferred to a modern depot at the town of Himberg near Vienna. more