Environment & Leisure

Boy jumping from diving platform

Swimming season

With water slides, adventure pools, playgrounds and sports facilities, Vienna's public outdoor pools are the ideal place to enjoy the summer.more

auditorium and screen of an open-air cinema

Summer cinemas

Open-air cinemas during the summer months have become a fixture in Vienna, attracting thousands of film buffs every year. more

Cooling towers of a nuclear power plant

Nuclear free Central Europe

Together with a network of European cities, Vienna advocates a nuclear free Central Europe. Details are provided in an anti-nuclear plan, which was presented at the 5th Vienna Nuclear Summit in June 2014. more

Heater with thermostat

Save money

An "energy licence" has now been introduced so that we don't drive our environment to the wall with our energy consumption. more

E-government services

  • Environment
    Animal clinic or shelter, outdoor advertising structures, certificate for keeping harmful organisms, ...
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