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woman skating  in front of the City Hall

Ice rinks in Vienna

Both locals and guests can take a spin at the modern-day indoor skating rinks or skate against some beautiful backdrops at Vienna's outdoor ice rinks. more

Area of the planned Norbert Scheed Woods

Norbert Scheed Woods

Apart from woodland as such, the Norbert Scheed Woods comprise recreational areas, cycle paths and playgrounds. Parts of the area will also be dedicated to farmland, orchards, bodies of water and a shelter belt. more

exterior view of the refurbished building

Smart research building

A landmark University of Technology (TU) building has been turned into the first smart office tower that feeds more energy into the grid than it con­sumes. more

auditorium and screen of an open-air cinema

Films and Cinemas

There are a number of cinemas in Vienna showing films in English or in their original language. In the summer there are open-air screens for cinema aficionados to enjoy their favourite films. more

E-government services

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    Animal clinic or shelter, outdoor advertising structures, certificate for keeping harmful organisms, ...
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