Education & Research

Main library at night

Libraries in Vienna

Libraries in Vienna offer well over 1.5 million media in a network of 39 branches. About 60,000 of the more than 1.3 million books are foreign-language books. more

Square surrounded by older buildings, a modern building in the middle

Neighbourhood research

An attractively funded neigh­bour­hood research project is seeking possible ways of renewing urban districts with high migrant populations in Vienna, Arnhem, Istanbul and Zurich. more

Scientist holding a petri dish

EU research funding

After the adoption of the "2050 Frame­work Strategy - Smart City Wien" last summer, the finish line for the open discussion process cal­led "Innovative Vienna 2020" has now been reached. more

Class room with children and teacher

The School System

School attendance is compulsory for all children permanently resident in Austria, and lasts for nine years. Compulsory schooling starts on the first of September. more

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