Transportation & Urban Planning

Model of the new Central Station

Vienna Central Station

Construction works to replace the old Südbahnhof with a new Central Railway Station and to build a new residential area will last until 2015. more

road construction works

Road construction projects 2015

Altogether, there are 12,386 building sites in Vienna in 2015, 707 of them are located on or near major roads, but only 387 are assessed as relevant for traffic flows. more

traffic light: women who hold hands, a heart as symbol between them

New traffic lights inspire

The new pedestrian traffic light symbols, showing straight, gay and lesbian couples, will stay permanently in selected parts of Vienna. more

Planned route of the lines U2 and U5

Public transport expansion

Besides extending the under­ground line U2 and the construction of the new under­ground line U5, the tram network will by ex­panded by about 18 kilo­metres in the next few years. more

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