Integration and diversity - Funding

You run a project, measure or initiative that contributes to integration in Vienna and supports diversity? Municipal Department 17 - Integration and Diversity (MA 17) provides funding of up to EUR 5,000 for small projects and funding of more than EUR 5,000 for large projects.

Projects that support the education of women and young people are funded in the framework of the Adult Education Initiative of the federal government and the provinces (Lšnder-Bund-Initiative Erwachsenenbildung - German).

Which projects are funded?

We provide funding for advisory centres, measures and projects run and submitted by not-for-profit associations and other not-for-profit legal entities. Please note that we cannot fund projects of private persons.

Funding topic for small projects

Small projects that apply for funding have to be in line with funding criteria and the current funding topic.

In 2020 and 2021, the funding topic is Integration als Teilhabe und Partizipation (Integration means Participation) (German)

Application procedure

The Integration and Diversity Department examines whether applications, which have been submitted via the online application form, meet all formal, financial and thematic criteria. Applicants are informed about the result by email.

For further details about the application procedure, please read the funding guidelines:

  • Funding guidelines for small projects: 300 KB PDF (German)
  • Funding guidelines for large projects: 400 KB PDF (German)

Past funding

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