Short-term Parking in Vienna

There are short-term parking zones in all districts of Vienna. This means that motor vehicles may only be parked in these zones for a restricted period of time, and vehicle holders are required to pay a parking fee.

Area-wide short-term parking zones

Since 1 March 2022 area-wide short-term parking areas can be found in all districts in Vienna. Short-term parking applies on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 9am to 10pm.You are allowed to park in these short-term parking zones without a parking sticker (Parkpickerl) for 2 hours at the longest. Note that there are no traffic signs within the area to indicate that you are in an area-wide short-term parking zone!

Exceptions for main streets and shopping streets

There are separate short-term parking hours for main streets and shopping streets. They are indicated on the traffic signs for short-term parking. Some of the shopping streets have a maximum parking duration of 1.5 hours.

Car owners with a valid parking sticker do not have to fill in additional parking vouchers for main streets and shopping streets in their district. They must, however, display a properly set parking disc and not outstay the maximum parking duration indicated on traffic signs.

Permanent parking permit for residents (Parkpickerl)

In general, everyone who has their primary residence in one of the districts covered by area-wide short-term parking zones, and whose vehicle is registered there, can apply for a permanent parking permit for residents (parking sticker) for their respective district. It is charged with a fee and allows you to park your vehicle near your place of residence without time restrictions. You can order a parking sticker online or directly from the municipal district office.

Parking management zones in the city map

Parking fees

Parking fee offences

If you still get a parking ticket, Municipal Department 67 - Supervision of on-street parking (MA 67) will assist you with any questions you may have.

Short-term parking on individual streets

Short-term parking zones on individual streets are marked by traffic signs at the beginning, and the end of each zone. Note that there are no additional traffic signs within each zone to indicate that you are in a short-term parking zone!

Short-term parking zones are chargeable and are marked by the following traffic signs:

Traffic sign: short-term parking beginningTraffic sign: short-term parking endTraffic sign: additional sign

Beginning: blue circle with red rim
End: black circle with grey rim
White additional signs indicate:

  • Maximum admissible parking duration (for example: two hours)
  • Times of short-term parking validity (for example: Monday to Friday, weekdays, 9 am to 10 pm)

There may be additional blue markings to indicate short-term parking zones, these are for your orientation only.

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