Short-term parking - permanent parking permit ("Parkpickerl") for residents

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General information

Parts of Vienna have been converted into short-term parking zones, i.e. motor vehicles may only be parked there for a restricted period of time, and vehicle holders are required to pay a parking fee. People who live in these zones or districts of Vienna may apply for an exemption parking permit ("parking sticker") that entitles them to park their vehicle near their place of residence without time restrictions.

A permanent parking permit can only be granted if the vehicle is registered at the applicant's primary residence (i.e. the address stated in the vehicle license must be identical to the applicant's primary residence address). Parking permits cannot be granted for vehicles licensed to other persons.

A permanent parking permit can also be issued to residents who drive a company-owned vehicle that is certified for private use, again provided that their primary residence is in the respective district.

Only persons holding an allotment garden in Vienna (KleingärtnerInnen) are exempt from this provision. From 1 October 2012 they may apply for a "seasonal parking sticker" valid for eight months (March to October), even if their allotment garden in the short-term parking zone is only registered as their secondary residence.

Data protection

For information on data protection and your data protection rights as an individual please visit: Datenschutzrechtliche Information (German)


A permanent parking permit pursuant to Art 45 (4) of the 1960 Austrian Federal Road Traffic Act can only be issued to the following persons:

  • persons who have their primary residence in one of the districts subject to parking management (districts 1-9, 10 (German), 11 (German) 12 and 14-18 and 20). There is an exemption for allotment garden holders (KleingärtnerInnen).
  • persons who have a vehicle license for a multi-track vehicle (i.e. not a motorcycle, et cetera), or who have leased such a vehicle, and
  • persons who can demonstrate a vested interest in parking near the respective residence.

A vested interest can basically only exist if the car holder is the person who uses the car.

The application for a certificate of exemption can also be made for transferable number plates (Wechselkennzeichen).

Please note that parking stickers can only be granted for vehicles with a maximum weight of 3.5 (metric) tons.


Please note that the permanent parking permit ("Parkpickerl"/"parking sticker") is only valid for a limited period of time (maximum: two years). It is therefore important to apply for a new permit in good time if your current permit is about to expire.

As a voluntary service, the City Administration sends two bank transfer forms to all parking permit holders two months before the respective permit expires. If the relevant data (vehicle registration and primary residence) remain unchanged, you can apply for a new permit (for a duration of one or two years, respectively) by simply paying the fee via bank transfer.

Please note that this voluntary service may not always be provided, and that permit holders do not have a legal right to a reminder before the permit expires. If you have not received the letter and bank transfer forms in time, you should contact your Municipal District Office yourself in order to renew your (online) application.


Municipal District Office of primary residence (German)

Documents required

  • Vehicle license (in case of transferable number plates the licenses for all vehicles)
  • Driving license
  • In case of leased motor vehicles not licensed to the applicant: leasing contract
  • If a company-owned vehicle is provided by the employer for private use: written statement by the employer confirming that the vehicle may be used for private purposes; and a wage slip (with the amount) that shows the employee is charged for benefits in kind in the form of private car use.
  • If a company-owned vehicle is used for private purposes by a person liable to income tax: excerpt from the company register (German) and income tax statement showing the taxable benefit in kind due to the car's private use. Alternatively, you can provide a statement by your tax consultant or other professional proxy confirming that the car is used for private purposes (at least 15 percent).
  • Persons with diplomatic status: legitimation card and tenancy agreement
  • In case of disability: certificate of disability issued by the Federal Social Welfare Office (Bundessozialamt)
  • If available: certificate of exemption from the parking fee


  • Federal fee:
    • EUR 14.30 for application
    • EUR 3.90 for each related enclosure
  • Administrative fee:
  • Parking fee: Depending on the validity period (no less than 3 months; calendar months already started are charged in full):
    • Districts 1 to 9, in the area around Stadthalle in the 15th district and in 20th district: EUR 120 (1 year) or EUR 240 (2 years).
    • Districts 10, 11, 12, 14 and 15 (outside the Stadthalle area), districts 16-18: EUR 90 (1 year) or EUR 180 (2 years).

Billing and payment (German)
For any questions regarding payment, please contact: Municipal Department 6 - Accounting Department 40 (German).


Your private data will be treated confidentially and will not be made available to third parties. Secure server connections are used for transmitting personal data, including your address, credit card details and account information.

This form can be used by all applicants except persons with diplomatic status holding a red legitimation card, and allotment garden holders (KleingärtnerInnen).

Further information

  • Only one permanent parking permit can be issued per person (exception: parking sticker for allotment garden holders).
    Please note: If you have already put an electronic parking sticker onto your car, you do not need to replace the electronic parking sticker in the following cases:
    • If you receive a new windshield due to repairs you will be provided with a new permit free of charge upon presenting your vehicle licence, driving licence and the permit sticker (or all of its parts) you have removed from the old windshield or car.
    • If you are moving your primary residence from one restricted parking district to another, you can receive a free temporary sticker for the period of time you have already paid for. For this purpose, please submit a vehicle registration with the new address (i.e. the change of primary residence must already have been officially registered), your driving licence, as well as the sticker you have peeled off your car's windshield. Please not that this is only admissible if the vehicle itself itself remains the same.
    • If you no longer need your permit (for example because you have moved), the remainder of the fee (in full months) will be refunded on presentation of the peeled-off permit and an ID.
    • If your vehicle information changes (for example because you have bought a new car), the competent District Office will provide your with a new permit on presentation of the peeled-off permit, your driving licence and a fee of EUR 50 (EUR 35.70 administrative fee, EUR 14.30 federal fee). Each enclosure cost EUR 3.90.
  • Short-term Parking in Vienna
  • Short-term parking with a parking card and a parking disc behind the windshield is allowed for the duration of 1.5 hours in shopping streets in restricted parking zones.

Refusal of application for a permanent parking permit - appeal against decision

If the application for a permanent parking permit has been refused, the applicant can appeal against the decision within two weeks of receipt of the decision at the authority of first instance. The application is forwarded to Legal Affairs: Legal Affairs: Transport and Traffic (MA 65) (German) where a decision will be taken in the last instance.

Legal basis: Art 45 of the 1960 Austrian Road Traffic Act (StVO 1960): 17 KB PDF (German)

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