Parking spaces for district residents

On-street parking spaces can be reserved to local residents in parts of Vienna’s inner-city districts to improve the parking situation for residents in these neighbourhoods.

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The parking spaces reserved to local residents should, in particular, remedy the parking shortage near popular event venues.

The residents’ parking zones are marked by no-stopping and no-parking signs, with an additional sign underneath exempting vehicles with a valid parking sticker for the district and drivers with disabilities ("ausgenommen Fahrzeuge mit Parkkleber für den ... Bezirk sowie Behinderte"). The parking spaces are reserved to vehicle owners who have obtained a parking sticker (resident parking permit) for the respective district, which is why the project is restricted to areas with parking management. Drivers with disabilities who display a disability card pursuant to Art 29b StVO (Austrian Road Traffic Act) in their car can also park in the residents’ parking spaces.

The parking sticker on the windshield enables the police parking wardens to check whether a vehicle is parked legally. It is important to note that the parking zones are not meant for the exclusive use of the residents of a specific neighbourhood, street or building. There are also no additional costs or fees for residents who have obtained a parking sticker.

Parking capacity in the districts concerned is another criterion. Residents’ parking spaces can be made available if the parking capacity in a district is at 90 per cent or more. A maximum of 20 per cent of available parking spaces can be reserved for residents within a defined area.

Rules for motorcycles and parking card holders

Motorcycles, and vehicles with parking cards for local businesses or residents (rather than resident parking sticker) must NOT be parked in the residents’ parking zones.

Special parking spaces will be provided for motorcycles where possible in the spring and summer, between 1 March and 1 October.

If it turns out additional motorcycle parking zones are required under the new system, these zones will be provided in accordance with the local situation and after an adequate observation period.

Location of residents’ parking spaces in Vienna

Residents parking spaces are available at selected locations in the districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 und 12.

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