Flat rate payment of parking fee

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General information

Parking vouchers can also be paid at a flat rate for a particular vehicle (based on the official license plate) for all short-term parking zones in Vienna. For this purpose, an electronic parking chip must be installed on the right upper edge of the windshield in the vehicle. The flat-rate agreement is not an authorisation for unlimited parking. Even with flat-rate payment, the maximum parking period (1.5 to a maximum of 3 hours depending on the zone) must be observed.

Data protection

For information on data protection and your data protection rights as an individual please visit: Data Protection Notice (German)




Flat-rate payment of the parking fee (parking voucher) is possible for periods of a minimum of three months to a maximum of 24 months. Calendar months already started will be charged in full.

The submission of the application and the submission of the application by the authority is a prerequisite for issuing a flat rate agreement. After the amount has been received by the authority, the official agreement (confirmation of the flat-rate) will be transmitted. In the course of the application, please let us know if you already have a parking chip.

Using electronic payment via the payment portal of the city of Vienna or pay directly at a city of Vienna cash office (Stadtkasse) with proof of the application confirmation (PDF-summary), an immediate issuance of the confirmation and delivery of a possibly required parking chip in the assessment center is possible.

Submitting an application by e-mail, mail or fax and selecting the payment method "giro transfer order" in the electronic application (online form), a waiting period of three to four weeks may arise (sending of payment slip, waiting for receipt of payment, delivery per post).


Assessment Office (Bemessungsstelle)
Municipal Department 6 – Accounting Services, Duties and Charges (MA 6)
Division for Parking Fees and Fines for Non-Payment of Municipal Charges (Referat Parkometerabgabe und Abgabenstrafen)
1020 Vienna, Meiereistraße 7, Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Sector B, 1st floor
Phone: +43 1 4000-86800
Fax +43 1 4000-99-86800
E-Mail: kanzlei-arp@ma06.wien.gv.at

Opening hours
Office hours: Mondays to Fridays, 7.30 am to 3.30 pm
Public hours: Mondays to Fridays, 8 am to 1 pm, in the afternoon according to telephone agreement
Exceptions: Closed on public holidays; Good Friday, 24 and 31 December: 8 am to 11 am

There isn´t any payment option at the Assessment Office.


An application can be filed in person, per mail, via fax, e-mail, or via online form at the Assessment Office. The application needs to be accepted by the authority.

After receipt of the necessary documents and after the amount has been received, the assessment office will issue the confirmation of the flat-rate and if need the electronic parking chip in person or by post.

Prior to expiration of your flat-rate agreement, you will be sent a reminder to renew it. If you have not received a letter, please contact the assessment office at least four weeks before the existing flat-rate expiry. We will send you a new letter.

Documents required

The application have to include the following information:

  • Starting date (e.g. valid as per 1 January 2018)
  • Duration (three to 24 months)
  • Daily validity period (24 hours, midnight-2 pm or 2 pm-midnight)
  • The registration number of the vehicle for which the flat-rate agreement is concluded

To apply or collect the receipt/electronic parking chip in person, please take an official photo ID; if someone represents you, they must present a letter of attorney issued by you.

If the application is for a car registered abroad, you have to include a copy of the vehicle registration certificate additionally with your application.


  • Application Fees: None
  • Parking fee:
    • The parking fee for 24-hour use is 2,544 EUR/year. This is used as a basis to calculate the fee for shorter periods and/or for half-day use (midnight-2 pm or 2 pm-midnight).
  • Parking fee for 24-hour use:
    • Minimum duration three months: EUR 636
    • Each additional month: EUR 212
    • Maximum duration 24 months: EUR 5,088
  • Parking fee for use from midnight to 2 pm or 2 pm to midnight:
    • Minimum duration three months: EUR 318
    • Each additional month: EUR 106
    • Maximum duration 24 months: EUR 2,544

For any questions regarding payment, please contact the competent accounting department (Buchhaltungsabteilung 40) (German) of Municipal Department 6.

Processing time

If you make your payment

  • online when applying or
  • by elektronic transfer (telebanking) by using the transaction number as a payment reference,

the processing time is reduced. You can find your transaction number in the online application on the final page (as well as the PDF summary) or ask for it at the assessment office.

After receipt of the necessary documents and after the amount has been received, the assessment office will issue the confirmation of the flat-rate and if needed the electronic parking chip in person or by post.

Application per mail, via fax or e-mail and subsequent payment per payment slip may result in a waiting period of three to four weeks (sending of payment slip, waiting for receipt of payment, delivery per post).


Online forms:

Further information

  • The electronic parking chip must be stuck to the upper right corner of the windshield.
  • For other kinds of double-track motor vehicles (e.g. quads), the parking chip must be placed in a suitable place where it is visible.
  • The letter confirming the flat rate agreement does not have to be displayed in the vehicle.

In all cases, you additionally have to place a parking disc set to the proper time in a visible location as proof of short-term parking.

If your car’s licence number changes, the current agreement ends and a new one must be made because the subject matter of the contract (licence number) is different.

If you permanently cannot make use of your flat-rate agreement (e.g. because you sell the vehicle for which the agreement was concluded and/or buy a new one), the remaining part of the fees you have paid will be counted against future fee payments of the same type. You can also apply for the fee to be refunded. Fees cannot be refunded for calendar months that have already started. Please provide your bank details (IBAN and BIC; for private individuals also date of birth and address of primary residence) in the application to have the fee refunded.

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