Prepaid parking vouchers - parking fees

Four parking vouchers

Parking fees apply to double-track motor vehicles stopped or parked in a chargeable short-term parking zone. Parking fees may be paid, amongst others, by filling in a prepaid parking voucher upon placing the motor vehicle in the parking zone. To park your car for up to fifteen minutes you are not required to pay parking fees. You must fill in a free-of-charge parking voucher (15 minute parking voucher).

Rates for parking valid from 1 January 2017

Colour of parking voucher Parking time Rate
Purple 15 minutes free of charge
Red 30 minutes 1.05
Blue 1 hour 2.10
Green 1.5 hours 3.15
Yellow 2 hours 4.20

Parking vouchers with a rate valid until 31 December 2016 have lost their validity at the end of this day and can not be returned or exchanged any more.

Where to buy parking voucher

Prepaid parking vouchers (30 minutes, one hour, 1.5 hours and two hours) for chargeable short-term parking zones may be purchased at:

Free-of charge parking vouchers (15 minute vouchers) are also available at the the City Information and the Citizens' Service (Stadtservice Wien ).

City map - Parking vouchers sold here

Where to place the parking voucher

Parking vouchers for double-track motor vehicles must be placed conspicuously behind the windscreen or other equally suitable place where no windscreen is available. Parking supervision officers may issue parking tickets for vouchers not sufficiently visible.

How to fill in the parking voucher

  • The parking voucher must be clearly and permanently marked (ballpoint pen where possible) by cancelling the
    • month
    • day
    • hour
    • minute and
    • entering the year in the appropriate field.
    You must fill in all of the above to make the parking voucher valid.
  • Always enter the time of arrival. You may round off fifteen-minute periods already started, for example:
    • Time of arrival: 10.06 am
      fill in: hour 10 and minute 15
    • Time of arrival: 4.49 pm
      fill in: hour 17 (5 pm) and minute 0
  • Prepaid parking vouchers must also be filled in for the last fifteen minutes of short-term parking validity. Incorrectly filled-in parking vouchers must be disposed of. You may not correct already filled-in parking vouchers.
  • When using more than one parking voucher at the same time you must mark the same time of arrival on each one of them, for example:
    • You want to park your motor vehicle in a short-term parking zone for one hour from 9.15 am to 10.15 am you are using red parking vouchers for 30 minutes each.
    • Correct: you must mark the same time of arrival on each one of them: 9.15 am.
    • Incorrect: you mark 9.15 am on the first voucher and 9.45 am on the second.
    • minute and
    • entering the year in the appropriate field.
Correct parking voucher

Correct parking voucher

Incorrect parking voucher

Incorrect parking voucher

  • When using purple 15 minute parking vouchers you must mark the hour and minutes of your time of arrival clearly and permanently.
    Single digit times must be preceded by a nought (0).
    You are not allowed to
    • use more than one 15 minute parking voucher at the same time,
    • use 15 minute parking vouchers in combination with red, blue, green or yellow parking vouchers or
    • use several parking vouchers adding up to more than the maximum admissible parking duration.
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