German language courses for young people and young adults

Young migrants, who have newly arrived in Austria and who are older than mandatory school age, need specific support in the form of language courses, creative and social education, and detailed advice about their educational and professional opportunities.

Interface Vienna and the Vienna Public Learning Centres (Volkshochschulen, VHS) provide young migrants between 15 and 21 years of age (Interface) and between 15 and 25 years of age (VHS) respectively with a package of specific educational measures. It is funded by Municipal Department 17 - Integration and Diversity (MA 17) and the Federal Ministry for Education in the framework of the adult education initiative by the federal government and the provinces and carried out in cooperation with the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS).

The Basic education courses with a focus on German language classes, IT and orientation courses help young people and aim at supporting them until they have completed language level B1 to be well-prepared for further training and education and the working world.

Courses of up to 20 hours per week are held at different times in several districts of Vienna and are free of charge.

Holistic education

The course system follows an individual learning plan and considers the specific needs, skills and interests of young people. Creative and social education also form part of the holistic education plan. The in-depth courses promote integration and provide young people with the opportunity to learn German quickly.

Information, advice, registration

JUBIZ is the education centre for young people of the Vienna Public Learning Centres. JUBIZ also offers literacy courses for young people and a class where they can study for the certificate for lower secondary education (Hauptschulabschluss).

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