Vienna - city of human rights - (Menschenrechtsstadt Wien)

In 2013, Executive City Councillor Sandra Frauenberger initiated a process to make Vienna a city of human rights. The process has been implemented by Karin König from Municipal Department 17 - Integration and Diversity (MA 17) in cooperation with Shams Asadi and has been accompanied by a steering group and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights.

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A study, compiled by the human rights expert Manfred Novak in 2013 was the basis for the declaration of Vienna as city of human rights. It assessed the human rights situation in Vienna.

  • Study on "Vienna - city of human rights": 900 KB PDF (German)

Based on this study, Karin König and Shams Asadi prepared a report in 2014 on the existing measures to safeguard and promote human rights in Vienna.

  • Report on "Vienna - city of human rights": 100 KB PDF (German)

Declaration "Vienna - city of human rights"

The process culminated in a declaration adopted by the Vienna City Council on 19 December 2014. With the declaration, Vienna positioned itself as human rights city and declared its aim to raise awareness for human rights and undertake measures in all parts of society.

  • Declaration "Vienna - City of human rights": 500 KB PDF

Opening of the Human Rights Office

The opening of the Human Rights Office in September 2015 was a visible sign and further highlight for Vienna as city of human rights.

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