Human Rights Office of the City of Vienna

The Human Rights Office coordinates human rights as a cross-cutting topic in all areas of the Vienna City Administration and makes the City of Vienna's commitment to human rights visible.

The Human Rights Office was opened in September 2015. The basis of the work of the Human Rights Office is defined by the declaration "Vienna - city of human rights" and the coalition government agreement of the Vienna city government.

The Human Rights Office in dialogue

The Human Rights Office works together on specific focus topics with other municipal departments, public institutions, NGOs, civil society initiatives, and experts. Cooperation and networking are essential for human rights work. A dialogue between interest groups is organised in the form of focus groups and round tables. The cooperation concentrates on the following focus topics:

  • Raising awareness on the topic of human rights
  • Children’s rights, topics: unaccompanied refugee minors, fighting poverty and violence
  • Security policies and human rights at provincial level
  • Fighting human trafficking, implementing the recommendations of the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) of the Council of Europe

The results will be incorporated into the development of an action plan for the next few years to continue and deepen the process "Vienna - city of human rights". A steering group continues to accompany the work of the Human Rights Office. It consists of representatives of the administrative groups in the City Administration, the human rights spokespersons of the political parties forming the city government, and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights.

Human Rights Coordinator Shams Asadi

Human Rights Coordinator Shams Asadi

With the opening of the Human Rights Office on 7 September 2015, Shams Asadi, the Human Rights Coordinator of the City of Vienna, took up her work as head of the Human Rights Office. She has been a member of the Human Rights Advisory Council of the Austrian Ombudsman Board since 2012, and is the Human Rights Coordinator of the Province of Vienna in the advisory board of the Federal Chancellery.


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