Health insurance


Social insurance in Austria is composed of health, pension and accident insurance. Austria’s social insurance institutions are statutory bodies under public law. All insurance institutions are members of the main association of Austrian social insurance institutions.

As soon as a person takes up occupation they are automatically covered by insurance. Insurance protection extends to school and university students, as well as pensioners. Insurance contributions are calculated on the basis of a person’s income. Social insurance contributions are deducted by the employer and paid over to the local tax office. Employers are also responsible for registering their employees with the relevant social insurance office. Employees receive a social insurance number once they are registered.

Since 2005, all persons insured and their co-insured family members have received the so-called e-card. With the e-card, you verify insurance coverage. You should have it with you every time you visit a doctor. You need not apply for the e-card as your health insurance institution automatically sends it to you by mail.

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