Persons not covered by compulsory insurance may take out voluntary (self) insurance. Contributions for voluntary insurance are EUR 418.69 per month. Contributions may be reduced by producing proof of tax assessment, wage slip, savings book, maintenance payments and others more.

Contributions are due each month. Self-insured persons are entitled to non-cash benefits, such as doctor’s assistance, aid and appliances, institutional care and obstetrics. Cash benefits, such as sickness benefit or maternity benefit do not apply.

As with compulsory insurance family members may be co-insured. In this case, however, spouses and children only are recognized as family members.

Self-insurance expires once compulsory insurance starts or the person moves abroad.


Students from EU or EEA countries who have taken out valid health insurance in their home country are also insured in Austria.

Students who are not insured under statutory health insurance may apply for self-insurance in Austria. They must be residing in Austria.

The rate of contribution as of 1 January 2018 is 7.55 percent of the basis for contributions. Monthly contributions for self-insurance may be reduced to EUR 61.83 in some cases.

Students may also co-insure family members. Spouses and children only are recognized as family members.

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