Services and Deductibles with Health Insurance

Services of health insurance

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Health insurance offers the insured a full package of services in the event of illness or maternity. Services are rendered primarily by contracting parties (panel doctors, therapists, hospitals) or specialised institutions (day clinics, health centres, hospitals, spas) operated by the social insurance institutions.

Health insurance makes sure quality medical treatment, medication and medical aids are available to all insured. Preventive care is important so that treatment does not become necessary in the first place. Medical rehabilitation and health-promoting measures help to re-establish a personís health and ability to work.

Deductibles and fees

A service charge of EUR 12.30 for the e-card is due every twelve months. It is collected by the employer. Unlike children and pensioners, co-insured spouses have to pay the service charge.

Civil servants, self-employed persons, railway employees and farmers have to contribute towards costs of medical treatment. A deductible of 20 percent is charged in each case.

Every insured person pays deductibles for pharmaceutical drugs (prescription fee), healing appliances and aids or dentures. The prescription fee is currently EUR 6.50. In some cases deductibles are payable for hospital care.

Hospitals of the Wiener Gesundheitsverbund (Vienna Healthcare Group) charge EUR 11.94 per day for patients in general class, provided health insurance covers 100 percent of patientsí hospitalisation.

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