Digital Agenda Vienna

The Latin origin of the word ‘agenda’ essentially means ‘things that ought to be done’. With this in mind, the Digital Agenda Vienna can be seen as a ‘to-do list’ for the city. It summarizes which projects and activities in the area of information and communication technology (ICT) will fall under the responsibilities of the city council.

This in itself implies that the Digital Agenda Vienna does not comprise a rigid set of rules, but is a working document – an overview that will continuously develop and improve. This makes sense, as the demands of our citizens and our technical possibilities are constantly evolving. How the City of Vienna can deal with these demands and possibilities is a question that the Digital Agenda Vienna ultimately aims to answer. In so doing, we address the following questions: How can the potential of new technology benefit the citizens of Vienna? How can we take advantage of these opportunities, while also avoiding the risks associated with these new technologies?

Considering these questions, the Digital Agenda Vienna is a logical addition to the existing strategic documents in the area of research, technology and location policy. Ultimately, however, it encompasses far more, as technological developments continue to play a decisive role in key aspects of city life.

Putting Users First

The main focus of the Digital Agenda Vienna has been the various users that live within its (the) city. Their concerns, needs and interests have been the guiding principles for setting priorities, implementing projects and designing new services. That is why the involvement of users is an essential component in all related processes.

Digital Agenda Vienna’s current proposal has also been a result of this focus. It was not conceived behind closed doors but elaborated with the participation of hundreds of interested people. That is why any further development of the Digital Agenda Vienna will also be carried out in a transparent and open manner.

The Digital Agenda Vienna is consistent with the “Viennese principles” that have emerged in the course of this discussion process. This refers to the nine guiding principles that the city uses to lead the development of new technological opportunities. In addition to transparency, openness, and participation, this also includes trust and security, inclusion and social sustainability, gender equality, citizens’ orientation, the strengthening of business locations, consolidation, innovation, as well as flexibility and learning.

It is these principles that render Digital Strategy Vienna unique, and ensure that the opportunities and potential of digital development benefit all Viennese citizens. However, these principles must also be lived (experienced?). That is why we invite you – and all people living in this city – very cordially, to participate in this process and dialogue.

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