Guidelines of Vienna's integration and diversity policies

Vienna considers itself a city of immigration and has pursued proactive and sustainable integration and diversity policies.

Workers standing on the roof of a house.

Work migration since the 1960s has turned Vienna into an international city.

Vienna is an open, diverse and international city. It has been a city of immigration in history and it is one today.

The rapid economic growth in the 1950s and the work migration in the 1960s, the establishment of a common European market, the freedom of movement and the opening of Europe to the East have particularly influenced Vienna's diversity and its international status.

Vienna as business location

Today Vienna is one of the most important business locations in Central Europe. Vienna's international reputation is essential for its success in a globalised world. The city's approach to diversity and the many opportunities that come with a diverse society considerably influence its international reputation.


The City of Vienna's approach to integration and diversity

  • builds on a common future,
  • regards the entire population,
  • promotes equal opportunities and equality,
  • focuses on individual needs and on the wishes and demands of specific groups of people,
  • concentrates on strengths and opportunities,
  • empowers, promotes, and encourages the Viennese to participate.


  • Guidelines of Vienna's integration and diversity policies: 700 KB PDF (German)
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