August 2019 - Intercultural calendar

The list provides an overview of the most important holidays of the largest religious and ethnic groups in Vienna as well as public holidays in August.


11 August: Catholic Roma pilgrimage
The traditional pilgrimage of the Austrian Roma to Mariazell takes place on the Sunday before Assumption Day. It is closely associated with the Catholic adoration of the Virgin Mary in terms of the Hungarian tradition.
15 August: Assumption Day (Catholic, public holiday)
Catholics celebrate the feast of the Assumption of the body and soul of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


11 to 14 August: Festival of Sacrifice (Turkish: Kurban Bayrami, Arabic: Eid ul Adha)
This most important feast of Islam symbolises devotion to God and trust in His mercy. This festival is marked by a story in the Koran (which is paralleled in the Old Testament): God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael (that is Isaac in the Old Testament) in obedience to Godís word. In the last moment God intercedes by replacing a ram for the child. In commemoration, Muslims eat a sheep or donate its equivalent value in cash to charity. Depending on the national calendar tradition, the date of the festival may vary by one or two days.
19 August: Ghadir Khumm festival
With this festival, Shia Muslims commemorate a historical event in the town of Ghadir Khumm, where, according to Shia belief, the Prophet declared Ali as his successor.
31 August: Islamic New Year
On this day the year 1441 starts in the Islamic calendar, which dates back to the migration of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina, which is known as the hijra.
31 September: Muharrem Fast (Alevi)
Many Alevi fast during the first twelve days of the month of Muharrem. They also abstain from drinking water both day and night. The main purpose of this fast is to mourn the death of Ali's son, Huseyin, during the battle of Kerbela and the sufferings of the twelve Imams.
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