City-to-city cooperation

The City of Vienna currently maintains active cooperation agreements on specific issues with 12 cities all over the world.

Map with a pin pointing out the city of Vienna

The purpose of these agreements is an intensified exchange of experience and knowledge on urban issues such as urban development, waste and energy management, housing, public transport or health care.

In addition, the city has established special agreements with other cities on the issues of civil protection and crisis management and maintains international partnerships at district level.

City-to-city agreements

  • Athens
    • Topics: cooperation in the fields of urban quality of life, urban development, smart city strategies, business and economic development, cooperation in visitors economy and destination management initiatives
  • Belgrad
    • Topics: Smart City, urban development and urban planning, housing, health and aging, open government data, culture and heritage, economy and tourism
  • Bratislava
    • Topics: twin-city agreement in the fields of transport infrastructure, economic cooperation, regional planning, flood and disaster protection, science and research, culture, education and youth, marketing and tourism, EU-funded projects
  • Brno
    • Topics: exchange of information and experience in the fields of urban renewal and urban conservation, waste management, transport planning and parking space management, strengthening of cross-border cooperation, development of the rail connection between Vienna and Brno
  • Budapest
    • Topics: cooperation in the areas of urban development with a special focus on traffic development, waste management, drinking water, waste water, energy, air and noise, environmental protection and green space design, flood protection, EU-compliant procurement, information and communication technology, e-government, culture, health and social affairs
  • Chengdu
    • Topics: enhanced cooperation in the fields of urban development, in particular implementation of innovative urban development and smart city initiatives based on the existing cooperation between aspern Vienna's Urban Lakeside and the Tianfu New Area in Chengdu, economic and business location, tourism know-how and training, cultural projects and organisation of major events
  • Hamburg/Zurich
    • Topics: Smart City, climate protection, sustainability, resource efficiency, innovation, participation, social cohesion
  • Krakow
    • Topics: Continuation and expansion of the cooperation in the fields of public transport, public services, public finance, risk management, benchmarking, architecture, urban design, urban renewal and revitalization of inner city areas, environmental and climate protection, climate change adaptation, circular economy, energy efficiency and renewable energies, health and social affairs, gender equality, youth and senior citizens policy, participation of civil society, Education (including vocational training), Innovation, technology, digitization, integrative smart city solutions, Culture and creative industries, sport, municipal housing
  • Paris
    • Topics: cooperation on the exchange of information, analyses and good practices, deepening of the friendship and cooperation between the two cities
  • Prague
    • Topics: enhanced cooperation in the fields of economic development, finance, waste management, transport/e-mobility, infrastructure and urban planning, digitization, green spaces, energy supply, crisis management and security, housing, monument protection and cultural heritage, sport, youth, culture, social affairs
  • Trieste
    • Topics: enhanced cooperation in the fields of Smart City strategies, urban development, historic urban conservation, heritage, cooperation between the two harbours of Trieste and Vienna, cafe and wine culture
  • Vancouver
    • Topics: international networks, decarbonisation, deep energy retrofits, low carbon buildings, energy efficient and ecological building materials, tools for construction innovation, Integration of energy planning within city planning, fostering business partnerships, lighthouse and pilot projects


District-to-district partnerships

  • Innere Stadt
    • Partners: City centres of Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic), Warsaw (Poland)
    • Topics: situation of inner cities, Cooperation in the fields of development of tourism, exchange of tourism-related experiences with regard to transport and infrastructure, experiences in the field of historical preservation, expanding the cultural traditions, enhancing relationship among our citizens and civic organisations
  • Innere Stadt
    • Partner: District of Shapingba, Chongqing (People's Republic of China)
    • Topics: trade and commerce, exchange and cooperation in the fields of science, technology, culture, sports, health and education
  • Innere Stadt
    • Partner: District of Taito, Tokyo (Japan)
    • Topics: promotion of cultural areas
  • Leopoldstadt
    • Partner: District of Brooklyn, New York (USA)
    • Topics: promotion of Jewish communities
  • Landstraße
    • Partner: District of Gulou in Nanjing / Jiangsu Provinz (China)
    • Topics: cooperation in the fields of economy, environment, culture, education and tourism and between companies, exchange of high quality educational resources, promotion of tourism resources and political development
  • Margareten
    • Partner: Berlin-Lichtenberg
    • Topics: cooperation in the fields of participation, senior citizens, children and youth, culture and sports, school and education, economy and tourism, cooperation between offices of the city administration, meeting rooms: multiple use rooms, neighbourhood centres, concepts and projects
  • Mariahilf
    • Partner: District of Terézváros, Budapest (Hungary)
    • Topics: culture, contacts between the citizens, urban planning, cooperation in the European Union
  • Mariahilf
    • Partner: Bezirk Nankai, Tianjin (China)
    • Topics: promotion of friendship and understanding between China and Austria, exchange and cooperation in the areas of trade, culture, education, health care, sport, science, technology and administration
  • Neubau
    • Partner: 7th district, Budapest (Hungary)
    • Topics: cooperation in the fields of education and culture, training/education
  • Josefstadt
    • Partner: District of Iosefin, Timisoara (Romania)
    • Topic: cultural exchange
  • Alsergrund
    • Partner: District of Dongcheng, Beijing (People's Republic of China)
    • Topics: promotion of friendship and understanding between nations, exchange and cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, science, technology, culture, education, sports, health, human resources
  • Alsergrund
    • Partner: Wenzhou (People's Republic of China)
    • Topics: promotion of friendship and understanding between nations, exchange and cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, science, technology, culture, education
  • Alsergrund
    • Partner: Takarazuka (Japan)
    • Topic: cultural exchange
  • Simmering
    • Partner: District of Chao Yang, Beijing (People's Republic of China)
    • Topics: economy, trade, science, technology, culture, sports, health, education
  • Meidling
    • Partner: Gifu (Japan)
    • Topics: educational exchange, exchange in the fields of culture, sports and academia, exchange of citizens, World Peace Bell project
  • Hietzing
    • Partner: Habikino (Japan)
    • Topics: exchange in all spheres of living
  • Hietzing
    • Partner: Tanba-no-mori in the province of Hyogo (Japan)
    • Topics: exchange in a variety of fields (world peace between Austria and Japan)
  • Penzing
    • Partner: 6th district, Prague (Czech Republic)
    • Topics: exchange of experience and cooperation in the fields of culture, children and young people, environment, transport, decentralisation, dialogue with citizens
  • Ottakring
    • Partner: Hiroshima (Japan)
    • Topics: promotion of political relationships and the perception of world peace
  • Hernals
    • Partner: District of Fuchu, Tokyo (Japan)
    • Topics: promotion of cultural relations, education, politics and economy, maintenance of peace in the world
  • Döbling
    • Partner: District of Setagaya, Tokyo (Japan)
    • Topics: twinning agreement between Setagaya and Döbling, exchange in all fields of administration, culture and arts, sports, strengthening of economic ties
  • Floridsdorf
    • Partner: 13th district, Budapest (Hungary)
    • Topics: intensification of contacts between citizens, particularly in the social, cultural and economic sectors
  • Floridsdorf
    • Partner: District of Katsushika, Tokyo (Japan)
    • Topics: industrial development, art and culture, intensification of contacts between citizens
  • Donaustadt
    • Partner: District of Arakawa, Tokyo (Japan)
    • Topics: administration, art and culture
  • Donaustadt
    • Partner: District of Huangpu, Shanghai (People's Republic of China)
    • Topics: cooperation on financial and economic issues, trade, city administration, heritage protection, social system, culture, sports, education
  • Liesing
    • Partner: 15th district, Budapest (Hungary)
    • Topics: exchange of experience in all issues of district administration, events for children and young people, joint cultural activities, exchange of experience in educational issues
  • Liesing
    • Partner: Ulcinj (Montenegro)
    • Topics: cooperation in the fields of municipal and district administration (environmental protection, transport, education, security, fight against drugs, creation of jobs, promotion of business), joint cultural activities (exhibitions, concerts), school-to-school partnerships, sports


Civil protection

  • Bratislava
  • Budapest
  • Krakow
  • Ljubljana
  • Mazovia
  • Minsk
  • Moscow
  • Prague
  • Tallinn
  • Tel Aviv-Yafo
  • Warsaw


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Visits by international delegations

Many cities around the globe regard Vienna as a sought-after role model for sustainable urban development and modern city administration. For this reason, thousands of experts, officials and political representatives from foreign city administrations and other public institutions visit Austria's capital each year to obtain first-hand information about Vienna's solutions and approaches to different issues.

Visits by international delegations

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