City-to-city cooperation activities of the City of Vienna

Cooperation between the City of Vienna and other cities - particularly cities from neighbouring regions - focuses on pre-defined topics.




Cooperation in the fields of urban quality of life, urban development, smart city strategies, business and economic development, cooperation in visitors economy and destination management initiatives


Cooperation in the fields of education, science, technology, sustainability, urban planning and transport, economic development, trade and investment, culture and tourism


Twin-city agreement in the fields of transport infrastructure, economic cooperation, regional planning, flood and disaster protection, science and research, culture, education and youth, marketing and tourism, EU-funded projects


Exchange of information and experience in the fields of urban renewal and urban conservation, waste management, transport planning and parking space management, strengthening of cross-border cooperation, development of the rail connection between Vienna and Brno


Identification and realisation of specific investment projects in the fields of urban and environmental technologies, cooperation in the fields of urban development, transport development, waste management, drinking water, wastewater, energy, air and noise pollution, environmental protection and green space design, flood control, EU compliant procurement, culture, health, social affairs, ICT, e-government


Enhanced cooperation in the fields of urban development, in particular implementation of innovative urban development and smart city initiatives based on the existing cooperation between aspern Vienna's Urban Lakeside and the Tianfu New Area in Chengdu, economic and business location, tourism know-how and training, cultural projects and organisation of major events


Continuation or addition of extended or partially changed priorities, cooperation in the fields of urban development with a special focus on public urban transport, urban public services, architecture and urban design, urban renewal and revitalization of inner city areas, environmental protection, health and social affairs, education, science and research, innovation and technology, cultural and creative industries, sport, municipal housing


Continuation and deepening the agreed fields for another four years, exchange of experience for the benefit of the citizens; increased cooperation to identify and realise specific investment projects in the fields of urban and environmental technologies, cooperation in the fields of urban development with a special focus on transport development, public transport, urban renewal, urban development and tourist travel in the region, green space and water bodies, drinking water, wastewater, waste management, energy, environmental protection (air, noise, soil), nature conservation (designation of protected sites and their management), health and social affairs, culture, tourism, civil protection, local self-government - the administrative aspect, sports, schooling and youth, urban development and urban planning focusing on large-scale infrastructure projects, parking space design, housing and housing construction with a focus on energy efficiency, EU funding schemes and cooperation programmes in connection with infrastructure projects, increased cooperation in the Danube Region Strategy, economic cooperation, public relations, city marketing - city branding, education and youth policy, public supervisory authorities, integration, ICT


Cooperation focusing on the organisation of Vienna Days and Moscow Days, economic cooperation, culture, youth policy (exchange of experience in the fields of education and sports), support of the relevant friendship societies, public transport and traffic planning, waste management and waste water management, health care, social issues (with a focus on barrier-free city), energy, education, science, tourism


Cooperation on the exchange of information, analyses and good practices, deepening of the friendship and cooperation between the two cities


Cooperation in the fields of urban development and planning, public transport, transport planning and organisation, waste management, energy efficiency, tourism and training in the tourism industry, culture, economy


Enhanced cooperation in the fields of Smart City strategies, urban development, historic urban conservation, heritage, cooperation between the two harbours of Trieste and Vienna, cafe and wine culture


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