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You need to make a prior appointment at your competent register office by phone or email to come to the register office in person during opening hours.

We would ask you to make a personal appointment in urgent cases only and make use of our e-government online and email services.

If you need a death certificate, please contact a funeral home of your choice. Exception: Relatives of deceased persons, who bequeathed their body for anatomical examination, and relatives of deceased persons, who get an indigent funeral (Sozialbestattung), should contact their competent register office to make an appointment.

Whether you need a birth or death certificate, want to get married or enter into a civil partnership, or need services regarding trade law: Municipal Department 63 - Commerce and Trade, Data Protection and Register Offices (MA 63) is your service point for life events.

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Getting married or register your civil partnership

In Vienna, you can get married or register your civil partnership in one of the register offices or at a number of beautiful locations around the city. Some paperwork is required before and after the wedding.

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