Restitution Matters

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Extract from the statement delivered by Mayor Michael Häupl before the Vienna City Council on 27 April 2001:

"Shaping a country's policies also means recognising responsibilities and acting accordingly. […] Vienna and the Republic of Austria have to take on the dark sides of its past in word and deed. […] We have contributed substantially to the compensation payments of the federal government to forced labourers of the Nazi regime and have now agreed with the federal government to pave the way for the restitution of property as well. For many years Austria portrayed itself as the first victim of Nazi Germany but due to its active participation in the crimes and atrocities it must now recognise its responsibility and act immediately and quickly. […] […] it is our duty to provide the future generations with all the facts of the Shoah, the worst atrocity in the history of mankind. We are even more bound than the generation before us to accept the responsibility and repeat 'Never again'. […]"

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