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Exemption to access the Danube Island and flood defences with a motorised vehicle - application

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General information

Driving on the Danube Island and the flood defences with motorised vehicles is restricted by the Ordinance of the Vienna City Administration Prohibiting Driving on the Danube Flood Defences on the Left Bank in order to protect the recreational area.

Data protection

For information on data protection and your data protection rights as an individual please visit: Data Protection Notice (German)


The need for an exemption must be well substantiated. Some of the reasons for granting an exemption are, among others, physical disabilities, transport of heavy goods, delivery of materials or catering for events, access for leaseholders, suppliers, and services of the establishments operating on the Danube Island, and approved events.


The application must be filed approximately five weeks in advance to meet the legal deadline.


Water Management (MA 45) (German)
1200 Vienna, Am Brigittenauer Sporn 7
Phone: +43 1 4000-96495
Fax: +43 1 4000-99-96495
E-mail: post@ma45.wien.gv.at

Opening hours: 7.30 am to 3.30 pm


If the application is approved, the Municipal Department for Water Management sends the applicant an official notification. Once the notification becomes final, the invoice and payment form for the approved exemption permit(s) to enter the area are sent to the applicant by the competent accounting department.

After receipt of the payment, the permit will be sent to the applicant by mail. In urgent cases, the official notification and the permit can be collected in person after consulting with the office. If you are planning to pick up your permit in person, you must present proof of payment at the office or mail or fax it to the Municipal Department for Water Management in advance.

Authentication and signature

Authentication or signature of the application is not required.

Documents required

The written application to the Municipal Department for Water Management must include the following information:

  • Type of permit
  • Vehicle license holder(s) (name, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address)
  • Authorised drivers
  • Number of vehicles
  • Registration number, car brand and type
  • Date and duration of entry
  • Exact description of the route
  • Statement of grounds
  • In case of physical disability: Disability ID issued by the Federal Social Welfare Office for the Disabled or Disabled Parking License under Art. 29 Austrian Federal Road Traffic Act (blue wheelchair logo)

Type and format of the evidence to be submitted:
You can find more information about bringing in documents at: Contact the City of Vienna (German)


A fee of EUR 14.30 is due for each application. All other fees and duties must be calculated individually for each case (legal basis: Duty on Documents Act, Federal Administrative Charge Ordinance, and the Ordinance of the Vienna Provincial Government on Administrative Charges and Processing Fees).

The fees are due after the procedure has been concluded. The fee for the permits is:

  • EUR 41.64 for up to five days
  • EUR 224.63 from six days to one year
  • EUR 12.98 for events of any kind and duration

You can pay the charges with an Austrian bank card or in cash at the cash desk at the customer service centre.

Billing and payment (German)
For any questions regarding payment, please contact: Municipal Department 6 - Accounting Department 5. (German)


Online-form: Application for a permit to access the Danube Island area with a motorised vehicle (German)

Further information

  • The permit must be carried in the specified vehicle whenever driving in the Danube Island area.
  • When entering the Danube Island area, the permit must be displayed visibly on the windscreen of the vehicle.
  • Motorised vehicles in the Danube Island area are checked regularly by:
    • employees of the Water Management department, and
    • the police.
  • Charges will be filed against anyone not carrying a valid permit.
  • The speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour must be adhered to strictly.
  • Only the existing road network may be used for driving and (brief) parking. Driving on green areas is prohibited. Violations will result in charges being filed.
  • Parking is allowed - if the lane is too narrow (required residual width for oncoming traffic 5.2 m) - next to the asphalt or gravel lane, parallel to the edge of the lane (up to 3 m from the lane), meadows and bush areas must be protected. The maximum parking time is limited to 5 hours.
  • The owners of the land are in no way liable for the condition or trafficability of the roads and installations. The authorised driver is liable for any damages or incidents to the owners of the land and third persons that occur as a consequence of driving in this area.
  • The owners of the land shall be indemnified and held harmless from claims for damages by third parties.
  • By using the permit, the driver agrees to the above terms of use.
  • The permit may be revoked at any time.
  • There are special permitted entering times for net fishers:
    • The permit to drive, stop and park in the area is valid on working days. Mondays to Fridays this is permitted from 5 pm to 9 am the next morning.
    • Driving in the area outside of these hours is only permitted if there is an imminent danger (e.g., fire, ice on the Danube, etc.). The activities for which the permit is granted must be performed immediately and quickly. The area of the Danube flood defences must be left immediately afterwards using the permitted route.

Means of redress or appeal

An appeal is possible against rulings issued by an authority and shall be filed by the party within a 4 weeks term with the authority that issued the ruling of first instance (against rulings without investigation procedure within a two weeks term). The term starts with the receipt of the written copy of the ruling, in the case of oral pronouncement simultaneously with it.

The appeal shall indicate the ruling it contests, the authority that issued the ruling and contain a motion of appeal with the reasons. No more appeal is admissible if the party expressly waived the right of appeal after receipt or pronouncement of the ruling.

Each ruling contains instructions on the right to appeal and indicates the authority and the deadline for submission of such appeal.

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