StadtWien-PublicWLAN is the City of Vienna's internet hotspot and location-based information system. Access Points (i.e. WiFi transmitting stations) ) are located in numerous public places throughout the city.

Free internet access

WiFi-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets or notebook computers can be connected to StadtWien-PublicWLAN. As soon as the connection has been established and the general terms of use have been accepted, free WiFi Internet access is granted.

Local area information

After initial connection to StadtWien-PublicWLAN a start-up page is displayed automatically. It provides location specific information, such as the local weather, water temperatures, the nearest drinking fountains, toilets, first-aid stations or local events.



WiFi coverage amounts to a distance of roughly 50 meters from the Access Point though walls, trees or similar obstacles in the area affect the transmission of radio waves.

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