How to register for daycare in Vienna

Information and registration

Every September as school starts a number of places at children's daycare centres become vacant. Many children move on from kindergarten to after-school care while others move on from day nurseries to kindergarten. Thus the year in daycare starts in early September and ends in late August. Registration for a place must be effected in spring.

  • The daycare service points provide information on available place for all of Vienna. You can register your child(ren) between November and December for the following September. You may register in person, by mail, fax, online or by telephone. You may indicate two daycare centres of your choice at the time.
  • You may register at any time if you urgently require a child-care place. Choice of free places during the year is slightly more restricted.
  • Places are awarded irrespective of the time of registration. Consideration is given to parents' working situation (both parents working), the child's age, siblings, if any, as well as social aspects.
  • You will be notified by March the latest whether you have a daycare place for your child and where it will be. Depending on the places available we try to assign your child a place of your choosing.

When registering you child you will be asked for your insurance number (you being entitled to raise the child) and that of your child.

How to obtain a place in a day nursery after parental leave

You are best off to apply in January/February of the year prior to the end of maternity protection and parental leave. Day nurseries are intended in particular for children in families where both parents work. Should you end parental leave or maternity protection prematurely you may apply for a place at any time.

How to obtain a place for after-school care

To register children attending school level 1 you may obtain application forms for after-school care at the school, which you fill in and hand in right there.

To register children level 2 and up for after-school care you may register with the day-care service points of Municipal Department 10. You may apply at any time during the year should you require a place in after-school care at short-term notice.

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