Day Nurseries, kindergartens and after-school care

Day Nurseries

Day nurseries are for small children up to age three. Group sizes and the number of nursery school teachers are geared towards the needs of small children in that age group. Special emphasis is placed on making children feel safe and sheltered while catering to their need for physical activity.

There is a team of four (two nursery school teachers and two assistants) looking after each group, with a maximum of 15 children per group.


For children aged three to six there are kindergartens to prepare them for life in the community in a holistic approach. Nursery school teachers make sure the day at kindergarten is full of incentives so that children can make plenty of experience and acquire knowledge at the same time. Included in the programme are outings, cultural events and sports activities. Many kindergartens offer Montessori teaching methods, English language courses and give a first introduction to computers.

Up to 25 children are taken care of in one group. Responsibilities are shared by a team of three (two nursery school teachers and one assistant).

After-school care

After-school care facilities are usually located within easy reach of primary schools. After-school care can be extended to all-day care during school holidays. Teachers at the facilities assist children with their homework and help them choose their afternoon activities. Special emphasis is placed on children's own creativeness.

After-school care is for children of compulsory school age. Up to 25 children are looked after in any one group. Responsibilities are shared by a team of two (one teacher and one assistant).

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