"Smart City Wien" and the UN Agenda 2030

The UN has established a set of 17 universal goals for sustainable economic, social and ecological development to be met by 2030.

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On 25 September 2015, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and defined 17 universally applicable Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All of the 193 UN member states have committed to implementing the goals by 2030.

Implementation in Vienna

As people are at the centre of the global 2030 Agenda, major emphasis is placed on the regional and local dimension of the SDGs. Against this background, former Mayor Michael Häupl signed the 17 UN goals in a ceremony on the occasion of a visit of former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at Vienna's City Hall in April 2016.

By then, many objectives from the 2030 Agenda had already been covered by the strategies and activities of the City of Vienna.

In the course of updating the Smart City Wien framework strategy, the SDGs were strategically integrated in all target areas. The updated Smart City Wien framework strategy, which is also Vienna's sustainability strategy, was adopted by the Vienna City Council on 26 June 2019. Smart City Wien takes continuously account of the Sustainable Development Goals on all levels of municipal work.

The Vienna sustainability coordination office, which also serves as a contact for all issues related to the SDGs, is part of in the City of Vienna's Environmental Protection Department (MA 22).

The City of Vienna's development cooperation has also been aligned with the SDGs. Accordingly, the 2030 Agenda and its targets provide a framework for the annual call for project funding proposals from development organisations as well as for the evaluation of the proposals.

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