Eurocomm-PR - International Liaison Offices of the City of Vienna

Activity range

Eurocomm-PR is charged with promoting the level of co-operation of municipal administrations and thus organises international exchange activities in the fields of services of general interest and municipal development.

A total of eight International Liaison Offices of the City of Vienna (Eurocomm-PR) in Belgrade, Budapest, Cracow, Ljubljana, Prague, Sarajevo, Sofia and Zagreb (Bratislava is covered by the Vienna headquarters) allow for an important transfer of know-how regarding a wide range of issues of significance for municipalities. The people-to-people character of cross-border dialogue is intensively realised and further deepened by the International Liaison Offices of the City of Vienna.

Moreover, the International Liaison Offices provide local decision-makers with the opportunity of contacting the City of Vienna in their respective mother tongues, with MA 27 – European Affairs assuming the role of contracting authority on behalf of the City of Vienna. Key tasks of Eurocomm-PR include assistance and support for municipal delegations at the political and administrative levels both in Vienna and on-site, municipal exchange through events and workshops, project co-operation as well as media and PR work on behalf of the City of Vienna in the partner cities.

The International Liaison Offices communicate the core competences of the City of Vienna in such fields as the environment, social values, sustainability, smart urban design and services of general interest – all prerequisites for outstanding urban quality of life. Moreover, they support Vienna in cross-border co-operation and joint projects. At the regional level and among the city community, they thus ensure know-how transfer and intensive exchange.

In an era when knowledge and information entail massive advantages, Vienna receives current news and in-depth background detail from the cities of the International Liaison Offices.

Thematic orientation

Core competences of the City of Vienna: Environment, social values, sustainability, smart urban design and services of general interest


Both geographically and as a historically evolved metropolis, Vienna is a hub at the heart of Europe and assumes a position of responsibility in the Central and South-eastern European region. The Vienna City Administration availed itself of this fact and already in 1996 initiated networking activities with capital cities in Eastern Europe.


  • Positioning of Vienna
  • Co-operation between cities
  • Creation of solid relationships based on ongoing municipal co-operation
  • Know-how transfer
  • Political networking

Target groups

  • Vienna City Administration and external units
  • Municipal administrations, media representatives, opinion leaders in the respective cities

(Geographical) sphere of action

Central and Eastern Europe; where necessary including other strategically important regions and cities of Europe and beyond

Importance for Vienna

The Vienna City Administration co-operates closely with its neighbouring cities in the fields of urban development, social housing, energy supply and efficient energy use, water supply, public transport, education and culture as well as future-oriented smart city strategies. This co-operation also enables the cities to find ways of positioning themselves jointly and to co-ordinate the representation of their interests.

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