Project LIFE EnCAM

Large-scale environmental projects often fail to place sufficient focus on the future impacts of climate change. The LIFE EnCAM project "Integrated Flood Protection on the River Liesing" demonstrates how the climate change adaptation requirements can be met.

Climate change in Vienna, Austria and around the globe (German)

The River Liesing flows through southern Vienna for approx. 18 kilometres, 9.2 kilometres of which have been restored to a near-natural state so far. Restoration work on the second half began in October 2020, adding even more green spaces, planting new trees and creating riverbank zones. In view of the increasing pace of climate change, adaptation strategies are therefore required for this valuable ecosystem.

River restoration and improvement of flood protection measures on the River Liesing (German)

The EU project LIFE EnCAM will run for five years and aims to implement targeted measures to counteract the impending negative impacts of climate change following the model of the "Integrated Flood Protection on the River Liesing" project.

Key data

  • Project title: Adapting large-scale environmental projects to climate change while supporting climate objectives
  • Duration: 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2025
  • Budget: approximately EUR 2.8 million, 50% co-funded by the EU
  • EU programme: LIFE 2019 Climate Change Adaptation
  • Project number: LIFE19 CCA/AT/001329
  • Implementing body: City of Vienna, Municipal Department MA 45 – Water Management

Project area

map showing the project area

The measures pertain to the section of the River Liesing between Großmarktstraße and the culvert entrance at Atzgersdorf in Vienna's 23rd district (approximately 5.7 kilometres).

Project aims and measures

The aim of LIFE EnCAM is to develop a waterway management scheme that is adapted to climate change following the model of the major project "Integrated Flood Protection on the River Liesing". The planned measures are designed to help improve the ecological status of the River Liesing and enhance the recreational and amenity value for visitors.

The following measures are envisaged:

  • Design and landscaping of sections of the waterway integrating shading, planting and new maintenance concepts to support climate targets
  • Development of an environment-friendly Green Public Procurement (GPP) concept for the project
  • Sustainable irrigation systems
  • Control of neophytes
  • Improvement of amenity value, e.g. through creation of recreational islands and upgrade of the cycle path

Project partners

The LIFE EnCAM project was developed by Municipal Department 45 - Water Management in partnership with external experts and submitted to the European Union for funding under the LIFE programme. LIFE EnCAM receives funding under the climate action sub-programme.

Alongside Municipal Department 45 - Water Management, other municipal departments of the City of Vienna, district councils, companies and local businesses are concerned with the use and upkeep of the River Liesing and are thus stakeholders in the LIFE EnCAM project.

Project partners of the LIFE EnCAM project

Logo of the LIFE+ Programme of the European Union: The word "Life" in yellow, surrounded by yellow stars

The project is funded under the LIFE programme of the European Union

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