Setagayapark - Japanese Garden

Blooming cherry tree

Description of the Park

Setagayapark was designed 1992 by landscape gardener Ken Nakajima from Japan. Twincity and cultural agreements have existed for many years between Vienna's Döbling district and Setagaya, a suburb of Tokyo. The park was laid out near a retirement home. Setagayapark emulates a Japanese landscape with several ponds and streams, and it contains the densely-planted garden elements that are typical of Japanese gardens. There is a Japanese tea house, a "Yukimi style" stone lantern, several stone sculptures and a fountain, as well as a poem set in stone at the entrance to the garden. The interesting plantings with Japanese maple, ornamental cherry trees and moor bedding plants such as azaleas are particularly noteworthy. The rich variety of plants creates an everchanging display of blossom and transformations from season to season. The purpose of this design is that "people should observe this work of art in tranquillity and try to find their own inner peace."

You may find other Japanese gardens in the School Gardens Kagran, Kurpark Oberlaa, in Schönbrunn and in Floridsdorf.

Please note that dogs are not permitted in the park. Owners may walk their dogs in the dog zones of Vienna (German).

Opening Hours

From 1 March to 31 October the Setagayapark will be unlocked daily at 7 am.

The park will be closed at the following times:

  • March: at 6 pm
  • October: at 7 pm
  • April and September: at 8 pm
  • May to August: at 9 pm

The Setagayapark is closed during the winter months (1 November to 28 February inclusive) as well as in wintry conditions.

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