Social welfare facilities - notification of start of operations, changes, or closure

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General information

The department for social welfare, social and public health law is entrusted with the official duties all around the start of operations, changes, or closure of social welfare facilities.


Social welfare assistance as defined in the Vienna Welfare Assistance Act is intended to allow people who need help from the community to lead a life in dignity.

  • Social assistance can be provided in the form of accommodation in a homeless shelter.
  • Assisted living facilities are facilities for people who no longer can or want to live on their own even with mobile care for physical or mental reasons and require extramural assistance or care, but not permanent intramural care.
  • Day centres are facilities for people in need of extramural care who require a structured daily routine with occupational therapy and rehabilitation to support their orientation and self-determination.


Four weeks before the planned measure


Social Welfare, Social and Public Health Law (MA 40) (German)
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  • The legal entity operating a social welfare facility (homeless shelter, day centre, assisted living) in Vienna must notify the Vienna City Administration in writing no later than four weeks before the planned measure of the following:
    • Start of operations
    • Expansion
    • Considerable and not temporary reductions to the services offered
    • Closure of the facility
  • The authority will determine whether the facility provides professional social welfare assistance (as defined in the 1991 General Administrative Procedure Act).

Documents required

  • Details on the legal entity operating the facility (e.g., extract from the register of associations (German), extract from the company register (German), partnership agreement, etc.)
  • Details on the trustworthiness of the operators and the persons acting on behalf of the facility (police clearance certificate no older than three months of the managing director, board of directors, or managing secretary) (German)
  • Details on the type (homeless shelter, day centre, assisted living) and size (number of places) of the planned facility
  • Documents showing that the demands of professional social welfare assistance are met (description of the facility and services, care plan, etc.)
  • Details on the staff, showing the professional qualifications of all persons working at the establishment

If the services are to be reduced, no documents are required. However, a statement is needed to show how further care will be ensured for the clients.




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Further information

The institution is under official supervision. The competent authority is the Vienna City Administration.

Legal basis: Art. 23 Vienna Welfare Assistance Act, Vienna Provincial Gazette 11/1973, as amended (German)

Homepage: Social Welfare, Social and Public Health Law (MA 40) (German)

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