Connection to the public sewer system - application

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To connect a house sewer to the public sewer system, an application must be filed with Wien Kanal.

You will need an overview plan for the online application. You must save the overview plan and fill it in. You can then upload the completed overview plan as an attachment to the online form.

General information

The connection of a house sewer to the city’s sewer system is subject to the relevant standards and the Sewer System and Connection Tariff Act (Kanalanlagen- und Einmündungsgebührengesetz).

Data protection

For information on data protection and your data protection rights as an individual please visit: Data Protection Notice (German)


Before the house sewer system is connected, you must determine whether there is a public sewer available at the location and, if there is one, whether there is a junction for the property and where it is located, e.g. by using the sewer information system (KANIS).

An application is also required for

  • continued use of an existing connection if the building (e.g. residential building, business) is modified, extended (e.g. an annex is built) or extensively renovated,
  • continued use of an existing connection for a new building if the location of the junction or the amount of wastewater change,
  • the house sewer does not change but the property is located in an area where zoning provisions require a reduced discharge of surface water (rainwater).

If excavation works are required in the public space, an excavation permit must be procured from Municipal Department 28 - Road Management and Construction (MA 28).




Wien Kanal (German)
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Documents required

Approval for the technical work required to connect the house sewer to the public sewer and the intent to discharge wastewater and rainwater into the sewer.


A one-time sewer connection fee will be levied by Municipal Department 37 - Building Inspection (MA 37). The ongoing sewer fee is usually calculated based on water use (German). To prevent cases of hardship, the City of Vienna provides cheap loans for the purpose of connecting owner-occupied homes to the public sewer system if such a connection is required by the authorities.

Special terms and conditions of Wien Kanal for the billing of the sewer fee and charges for other services (SGB-V): 379 KB PDF

For any questions regarding payment, please contact the competent accounting department (Buchhaltungsabteilung 40) (German) of Municipal Department 6 - Accounting Services, Duties and Charges.


Online form: Application for a house sewer connection (German)

Please print this plan, complete it and add it to the application: General plan: 93 KB PDF (German)

Further information

If several connections are to be made on one property, the entire sewer system must be shown with a suitable drawing showing height above datum, height of sewer inlet, and discharge volume.

We recommend requesting offers from several authorised construction companies for the sewer connection to compare prices and quality.

Information leaflet: Arbeiten und Maßnahmen im Nahbereich Kanal (Work in the vicinity sewers): 349 KB PDF (German)

Special terms and conditions of Wien Kanal for sewer connections: 316 KB PDF (German)

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