WienBot - your digital assistant by the City of Vienna

Any questions about Vienna? The WienBot provides answers around the clock. Quickly, easily, and directly - via voice function or chat.

In mid-December 2017, the City of Vienna launched the WienBot, a free chat bot and digital assistant on all things Vienna. Users can choose between different options:

The WienBot can also help you find the right information on the City of Vienna’s website (German)

What can the WienBot do?

The WienBot provides concise and simple answers to questions about Vienna. For example, many users look for information on parking fees, ticket prices, opening hours or events in Vienna.

Here is a small selection of questions as a suggestion:

  • How do I get to the Gänsehäufel?
  • Where can I get a new passport?
  • Where is the nearest drinking fountain?
  • Do I have to register my dog?
  • How long is the short-term parking zone in Ottakring valid?
  • When does the bus arrive?
  • Do I need an umbrella today?

WienBot wizard topics

There are certain topics where WienBot is particularly savvy and helpful (German websites with WienBot widget, which also speaks English):

Information in multiple languages

Thanks to modern AI and machine translation technology, the WienBot can also be used in English and Ukrainian.

  • Web version: German, English, Ukrainian
    To switch languages, simply enter the language of your choice.
  • Signal messenger: German, English, Ukrainian
    To switch languages, simply enter the language of your choice.
  • WienBot-App: German, English
    App language corresponds to the system language settings on your mobile device.
  • Stadt Wien-App: German

Current machine translation technology has been pre-optimized for WienBot content in an attempt to cover as much information as possible. Still, the technology is far from perfect, and we appreciate any feedback or comments sent to

The WienBot uses the following external Machine Translation systems:

  • English: DeepL Pro
  • Ukrainian: Google Translate

The MT system only translates specific questions. It has NO access to personal data (like your IP address, for example), and the questions are not stored in the MT system.

Local public data for Vienna

The WienBot answers your questions based on interfaces with Open Government Data, like geographic data, the City of Vienna events database, or a real-time interface with Vienna’s public transport provider (Wiener Linien).


If you have any questions or technical issues, please send an e-mail to the editorial team at

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