Vienna City Hall - dream wedding venue

You can book Stone Hall 2 (Steinerner Saal 2) of Vienna City Hall for your dream wedding. If you like, you can also visit the empty room in advance.

exterior view of the city hall

Vienna City Hall is also among the dream wedding venues.

Vienna City Hall is situated opposite the famous German-language theatre Burgtheater on Ringstraße, the tree-lined boulevard that arcs around the city centre. It was planned in 1868 and completed in 1883. The original city hall, the Old City Hall situated in Wipplingerstraße, had become too small for the city administration due to the growth of the city and its population. It was therefore necessary to build a new, larger city hall. In 1885 the Vienna City Council took up work in the new City Hall on Ringstraße.

Vienna City Hall was built from sand-lime brick in Neo-Gothic style, has a floor space of 19,592 square metres and an area of 113,000 square metres, seven courtyards, 1,575 rooms and its corridors have a total length of more than 2.5 kilometres. Vienna City Hall houses the office of the mayor, serves as location for conferences and magnificent festivities, and is one of Vienna’s most impressive sights.

Organisation and fees

Please contact the organiser of your wedding venue to discuss venue rental fees. There will also be additional fees for the wedding at the register office when you give notice of marriage or civil partnership.

Please contact a company of your choice to arrange flower decoration and music, and keep in mind to discuss your choice of music with the registrar beforehand. On request, Municipal Department 34 – Building and Facility Management (MA 34) will also be able to provide a piano for your wedding ceremony.

Organisation and fees - including wedding times

Making an appointment

You can find out six months in advance at the earliest if the wedding date of your choice is available at Vienna City Hall. Please contact the division "Dream weddings in Vienna" ("Traumhochzeit in Wien"), E-mail:, to arrange the date.

A large number of events are held at Vienna City Hall. You should therefore have a list of several wedding dates handy as this will make it easier for you to find a suitable wedding date at Vienna City Hall.

The reservation is valid for four weeks upon confirmation of the wedding date. Please contact Municipal Department 34 within these four weeks and make an appointment to sign the lease agreement.

If you do not wish to keep your reservation, please inform Municipal Department 63 accordingly also after the four week period.

Number of guests

  • 50 people seated
  • 20 to 30 people standing

Stone Hall 2 is accessible for persons in wheelchairs via the elevator at Stiege 8.


  • Making an appointment
    • Division "Dream Weddings in Vienna" – Municipal Department 63 – Commerce and Trade, Data Protection and Register Offices (MA 63)
    • E-mail:
  • Visiting the wedding venue, tables, piano, signing the lease agreement
    • Building and Facility Management (MA 34)
    • Specialist unit Infrastrukturdienste
    • Phone: +43 1 4000-34703
    • E-mail:
  • Municipal Department 42 – Parks and Gardens (MA 42) - provides flower decoration on request. Costs to be discussed.

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