24-Hours Women’s Emergency Helpline - 01 71 71 9

  • Phone: + 43 1 71 71 9 - 24 hours a day, even on Sundays and public holidays
  • Help for women and girls experiencing violence
  • Free of charge, confidential, and anonymous by victims’ choice
  • Telephone counselling in German, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, English, Farsi, Polish and Spanish
  • Personal counselling sessions upon prior phone appointment - with video interpreting if needed
  • Online counselling via e-mail: frauennotruf@wien.at
  • Info folder: 680 KB PDF (German)

The 24-Hour Women’s Emergency Helpline is a contact point for all women and girls from 14 years who experience or have experienced sexual, physical and/or psychological violence - no matter how much time has passed since then.

Our team consist of clinical and health psychologists, social workers and lawyers (all female).

Access to our counselling centre and rooms is barrier-free.

Specific services

  • In emergencies, we offer immediate support and crisis intervention, accompanying victims on their way to the police, to victims’ counselling services, to court or to hospital.
  • Counselling is provided by trained psychologists, social workers and lawyers.
  • Victims get psychosocial support, and our team organises legal counsel during court proceedings.
  • Clients facing problems other than violence are referred to competent counselling services and institutions in Vienna.
  • The team holds further training events, provides expert information and coaching for institutions.

Data privacy information

Information regarding data protection and your rights is available here: Data privacy information

Target groups

Women and girls from 14 years who

  • are exposed to physical, psychological or sexual violence,
  • are faced with, or have experienced violence in their family or close social environment (for example at the hands of a partner, family member, friend, relation, neighbour, colleague at work, etc.),
  • have experienced rape, attempted rape, sexual assault or harassment,
  • are victims of stalking,
  • are faced with online bullying or cyber violence,
  • are not sure if what they experience, or have been exposed to, is violence or not ,

but also for

  • co-affected family members, friends and relations
  • everyone looking for information on violence against women and girls.

Institutions supporting girls under the age of 14 years

Campaign to promote civil courage

The 24-Hour Women’s Emergency Helpline has launched a focus campaign to raise awareness and stress the key role of witnesses and bystanders in cases of assault and violence against women:

Campaign "Halt! Zu mir! - Hinschauen. Handeln. Helfen." (German)


The 24-hour Women's Emergency Hotline is a member of numerous inter-institutional working groups, and actively coordinates or leads the following groups:

  • Working Group on Forced Marriage:
    A platform for representatives of institutions working with women, children and young people, both within and outside the City of Vienna, to facilitate exchange of information on the issue of forced marriage.
  • Working group on violence against female senior citizens (in the context of social relationships)
    The 24-hour Women's Emergency Hotline organises work meetings with institutions facing the issue of domestic violence against female senior citizens. Experts meet to establish guidelines on how to protect or help victims.
  • Network of victim protection groups in local hospitals
    In cooperation with the Vienna Women's Health Programme, the 24-hour Women's Emergency Helpline offers a moderated platform for all members of hospital-based victim protection groups in Vienna. Network meetings are held three to four times a year to exchange standards in dealing with victims of violence. and to coordinate professional, victim-centred processes. The network is also used for a regular exchange with external institutions and experts.
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