Vienna Gender Equality Monitoring Report

The report describes the status quo with facts and figures and will be published at three-year intervals to allow the continuous monitoring of developments. An executive summary of all chapters of the report is available in English.

In the last decades, we have achieved many important milestones that have contributed considerably to equality between women and men. However, we have not yet reached full equality: Even today, women still face discrimination. For years, the City of Vienna has been active in supporting and promoting women and girls in order to combat the existing inequalities. But where are we really with equality in Vienna? To answer this question, the Vienna City Government decided in its government programme to develop the Vienna Gender Equality Monitoring Report.

As equality is an issue in all aspects of women’s lives, the Vienna Gender Equality Monitoring Report encompasses a wide range of different areas, from unpaid work to leisure time and health. This monitoring report is a tool to make facts and differences and successes visible and show which areas are in need of improvement.

12 Topics and 119 gender equality indicators

The monitor is based on a very broad concept of equality that includes different aspects and areas of life, going beyond the usual topics and indicators and not only focusing on statistically well explored areas. Based on previously defined equality objectives, a set of 119 equality indicators was developed in a discursive process. They are arranged into following 12 topics: women and men in Vienna, political participation, education and training, paid and unpaid work, health, leisure time and sports, art and media, income, poverty and social security, housing and public space, environment and mobility and violence.


The full monitoring report can get downloaded only in German, but a summary highlighting the main outcomings of each chapter is available also in English.

  • Vienna Gender Equality. Monitoring Report. Summaries; 2013: 2 MB PDF (Englisch)
  • Wiener Gleichstellungsmonitor 2013, Studie zur Lebens- und Arbeitssituation von Frauen in Wien. Wien 2014. Autorinnen: Andrea Leitner, Angela Wroblewski: 3.8 MB PDF (German)
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