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In pursuing the objective to provide de facto equality of women and men and to encourage women to become proactive, lead an independent life and participate in all areas of life, Municipal Department 57 - Vienna Women's Affairs (MA 57) addresses a wide spectrum of key issues and topics. These range from national and international women’s and equal treatment policies, labour market, education, gender-equitable language and gender-sensitive teaching to the prevention of gender-specific violence.

As unequal opportunities on the labour market and personal and structural violence against women and girls still present major challenges, Municipal Department 57 attaches particular importance to these issues in order to enable women in Vienna to lead independent, self-determined and safe lives.


In numerous publications, Municipal Department 57 comments on women-specific topics, conducts awareness-raising campaigns, elaborates proposals to solve different problems, identifies areas for action and actively participates in national and international working groups to promote equal living conditions for women and girls. It regularly commissions studies to scientifically compile current data and findings on the life of women in Vienna and possible measures to be taken. These studies are published and made available free of charge.

A selection of projects

The interactive campaign "A clear position: against violence", the provision of sample letters to complain against sexist advertising and the organisation of corporate workshops on women’s promotion at the workplace including a handbook and a toolbox are only some of the projects Municipal Department 57 is successfully implementing.

Women’s Award

With the annual presentation of the Women’s Award to outstanding persons, Municipal Department 57 contributes significantly to enhancing the visibility of excellent achievements made by women.


The international women’s city network FemCities, which is coordinated by Municipal Department 57, provides an international platform to exchange best practices in regional and local equal treatment policy.


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