City hiking path 7 - Laaer Berg

A colourful hike through Vienna's southern parts, past Kurpark Oberlaa, the Laaer Wald and the Böhmischer Prater.

The city hiking path can also be found on the online Vienna city map for mobile devices. While you are walking, enable location access on your mobile phone to show your current location on the map.


Underground and bus stop Altes Landgut - Generali-Arena - Theodor-Sickel-Straße - Laaer-Berg-Straße - Urselbrunnengasse - Laaerwald - Böhmischer Prater - Löwygrube - Bleichsteiner Straße - Amarantgasse - Goldberg - Hedrichgasse - Laaer Berg - Brückenwirt (stamp location) - Liesingpromenade through the underpasses of Laaer-Berg-Straße and Himberger Straße - before the railway tracks turn right - crossing the Oberlaaer Straße and railway tracks - crossing the Per-Albin-Hansson-Straße - Holeyplatz - bridge over motorway (A23) - along the KGV Heuberggstätten - underground and bus stop Altes Landgut

Where to eat and drink along the way

  • Brückenwirt
  • In the Böhmischer Prater
  • Restaurants in Kurpark Oberlaa
  • Heurigen taverns in Ober- and Unterlaa
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