Useful tips for hikers

  • Use of the hiking paths is at your own risk. There is no winter clearance service.
  • The city's hiking paths were laid out in keeping with natural conditions. Walking on them may be difficult at the best of times. Proper walking boots and clothing are recommended at all times. Don't forget to bring along raingear.
  • Please keep your dog on a leash. This helps to protect your dog and the environment.
  • Stick to the marked paths.
  • Try not to pick flowers.
  • Donít touch any young animals you may find on the way. Fellow animals can smell your scent and reject the animal you have touched.
  • Refrain from smoking in the woods. Woods burn easily.
  • Stick to public barbecue sites for your outdoor cooking adventures.
  • Please take care of the environment and recycle your garbage.
  • Please be careful on stormy days Ė spending time under trees can be dangerous.
  • Please do not walk or drive in natural forest reserves.

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