City hiking path 6 - Zugberg-Maurer Wald

This extensive walk through the woods starts out at Rodaun, passing Zugberg and Wiener Hütte on the way to Maurer Wald. Along the way there are Georgenberg, the Wotruba church and Sterngarten, an open-air planetarium: Freiluftplanetarium Sterngarten Georgenberg.

The city hiking path can also be found on the online Vienna city map for mobile devices. While you are walking, enable location access on your mobile phone to show your current location on the map.


Last stop of tram line 60 (Rodaun) - Ketzergasse - Willergasse - Rodauner Kirche - Zugberg (Mitzi-Langer-Wand) - Wiener Hütte - Liesingtal Stubn'n (stamp location) - Liesingtalstraße - Eichwiese - Gemeindewald - Schießstätte (from here one can hike in the direction of Mauer to reach tram line 60) - Maurerwald/Georgenberg - Pappelteich - Kalksburger Straße - In der Klausen - Kalksburg - Breitenfurter Straße - Mackgasse - Promenadeweg - Ketzergasse - last stop of tram line 60 (Rodaun)

Where to eat and drink along the way

  • Wiener Hütte
  • Liesingtal Stub'n
  • Klausenstüberl
  • Pizzeria Lignano
  • Heurigen taverns around Kalksburg, Rodaun and Perchtoldsdorf
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